Kylie's Skirt

The Australian Pop Sensation Hikes it Up in Her Smashing New Video

The indomitable antipodean Kylie Minogue explodes into view in a video for new song “Skirt”—a peek at new music as she works on her 12th, as-yet-unfinished album and her debut with Jay-Z’s management company Roc Nation. The synth-heavy and dubstep-influenced track, co-written by The-Dream, who has collaborated on hits with Beyoncé and Britney Spears, was previewed in a set in Ibiza by its Scottish dance producer Nom De Strip, aka Chris Elliott, before being unveiled to the public on the eve of the singer’s recent 45th birthday. Minogue rose to fame as a young actress in Australian soap opera Neighbours, then scored a succession of bubblegum pop hits in the late-80s such as perennial favorite “I Should Be So Lucky”, before turning in a more indie direction in the 90s. The millennium saw Minogue reinvent herself once again, turning back to pop and setting the dance world alight with several hits and the help of some miniscule gold hot pants. Today’s stop-motion video was created from around 1000 stills by fellow Australian photographer and director Will Davidson, whose clients include Calvin Klein and Nike, with work published in V magazine, i-D and AnOther. Davidson shot the singer in her Los Angeles hotel room just last week in only three hours, as she wore clinging black Alexander Wang, Vanessa Bruno and vertiginous Jimmy Choo stilettos. “In 25 years I haven’t done anything like this,” says Minogue. “It was also really last minute and thrown together in a heartbeat. I love how Will’s shots have a rawness to them. They feel real, unprocessed and much like the viewer is there with me.” Read on for the lowdown straight from the performer herself, plus a chance to win an exclusive piece of Kylie memorabilia.

What can we expect from the album?
Kylie Minogue: Pop dance but with a few new flavors. Expect the unexpected!  

Do you feel that spending more time in Los Angeles has influenced your musical style?
KM: Yes, but this is an extension of what I have always done. I love being chameleon-like and putting myself into new and unexpected situations, pushing myself to try different styles and delivery. My goal is to expand my zone of experience and music and not lose myself in the process—you have to keep digging to get to the gold.

How do you feel that being with Roc Nation has helped in shaping this album?
KM: Joining the Roc family has been an exciting whirlwind. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some producers who have been on my wish list for a number of years so it’s amazing! Roc Nation is such a dynamic company, combining many years of experience with a hungry young team.  It makes for fireworks and I think that will be heard in the music.

You have collaborated with quite a few people on this album—is there anyone you still dream of collaborating with?
KM: Always. I’m genuinely curious about the magic of collaboration. For example, I can’t imagine my life without duetting with Nick Cave on “Where The Wild Roses Grow.”

Youve recently made a few forays back into acting. Anything exciting in the works?
KM: Appearing in Holy Motors and screening the film at Cannes last year was just mind-blowing. It was a beautiful yet terrifying challenge to strip myself of Pop Kylie and let the character just be. I also loved my day filming the She-Ra skit for Funny Or Die. I’ve been a fan of their website for a long time and this was a little dream come true. Acting feels so different to music but in a way it is like going home for me, so I love it and hope I can balance acting and music in the future

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Conversations (10)

  • netocoqueto
    I was sceptic with the first listen but actually I've changed my mind quickly, it is a very catchy tune. Do you can listen that subtle dubstep vibe on this track?
  • Dallas Todd
  • Peterv11
    Very good perf but uses musical and video cliches plus juvenile lyrics. Bit pointless really.
  • Virgolibra
    This is an amazing song! And as a lyrics video it is the best one I've seen, just on the quality and imagination put into the project. I was captivated by how everything came to life and went to the music. I don't think anyone would of done it better. Kylie looked spectacular in the Vera Wang dress. This in my view is better than most regular videos. My compliments to all, from Kylie, Nom De Strip, Roc Nation, to Will Davidson. I look forward to see more from you all.
  • terry seale
    Kylie, Great number! It is way past time for you to visit us here in the Great Smoky Mountains and try some duets with Dolly Parton. She loves you a lot and, don't worry, she won't upstage you. She's only five feet tall!
  • daveschnur
    your video is the most best and very greatest number #1 in my book that it is of all time and your voice is the most best thing yet too and i love it, just like i love you too. well bye now and have great day.
  • daveschnur
    i`m one of your most sweet and loving fan of yours of all time, how is the weather doing these days so far. i was just wondering if i could ask you, if i could give you a most sweet #KISS# and a most lovable #HUGS# and a most smoothiest #SMOOCHES# all at the sametime, if that is ok, by you of course?. your voice is just as lovely as you are, your body and hair is just as wonderful and very attractive as you are, your looks is just as precious and very beautiful and gorgeous as you are. you are my most best personal favorite and best attractive actress woman that you really are. you are my most best personal favorite number #1 in my book actress woman that you are. ps. please write soon. all of your movies are my most best number #1 in my book that you are. well take care and best of luck to you in the future. well bye now and i love you honey and sweetie.
  • Rudi Lehnert
    So what I can say about this new song from Kylie... she make very good and hard work !!! And I feel the music and the emotions are also fine and deeply !! I love it !!!
  • toriviruette
    Kylie is looking fabulous, but I am not feeling the song - perhaps I need to listen to it a few more times.
  • rubefernandezn
    I don't know if I would call this video "smashing"
    • Posted By rubefernandezn
    • June 13, 2013 at 10:53AM
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