Miley Cyrus: Tongue Tied

Sarah Nicole Prickett Unties the Pop Phenomenon's Kinky Collaboration with Quentin Jones

In the USA, any fresh ‘n’ hot star with blonde ambitions is bound to be a sex symbol. Miley Cyrus wears that bondage lightly. And literally. She stretches the definition of kink, making it pop. On stage, riding a giant hot dog, she grins like the girl who yells loudest in the “penis!” game. She could stop, actually, if she wanted to… but she won’t. She wears her latex like she’s dressing up as herself for Halloween: “I’m a Sexy Miley Cyrus! What are you?”

As part of Cyrus’ current Bangerz tour is a two-minute video directed by mixed-media artist and filmmaker Quentin Jones, whose signature soignée graphics and splashes of paint transform a pornoriffic-almost-parody into artsploitation. Stripping the color from our heroine’s cartoonish persona, Jones goes in on popular symbols of sex: the fishnets; the beauty mark made darker like Marilyn’s; the black collar fit for a 'Bunny. To Miley, as to a little kid, even the most dangerous object is a toy. And like a kid’s, her near-nudity is hardly erotic. She’s just happier naked. Her poses are jokes, even that infamous tongue—stuck out—remains firmly in cheek. She holds up the cardboard cut-out and winks. Get it? She’s playing with herself.

It should be clear as ink that Miley Cyrus is no former Disney kid. She’s a forever Disney kid. Sixty years after Walt himself collaborated with Salvador Dali, his phantasmagorical dreams of goofy innocence and erotically charged surrealism have been reanimated.

Sarah Nicole Prickett is the founding editor of Adult magazine. 

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  • beverley
    Brilliant! Love this video, very creative.
  • davida
    Definitely no roll model for any young girl to follow unless they wish to become illuminacreep material, Exorcist babe boringly revisited by a bunch of wannabe's .What's new in the USA ? It must be a painful thing to live with , the ever hanging out tongue ! I bet many cows out there would love one that size... & I wonder who in the whole wide world hasn't yet wondered what is wrong with that girl !. Who are you kidding.... come on nowness ! even you guys fall for that !! Very sad state of affairs....Even sadder for that kid & her family, going along with such sordid public displays. Is it really worth it it I wonder ? Time will reveal, she'll grow up..... With a lot of money & what else....
    • Posted By davida
    • September 13, 2014 at 6:04PM
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  • voxhumana
    Miley is no longer a pop artist. She's a sex worker that sings.
  • GirlfromNorthCounty
    @AustinBabeless song is Stockholm Syndrome by 30's ft. Zoee Soundcloud: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
  • sophiekon
    At this bit from Miley was relatively artistic. I was semi intrigued.
  • jbrauhman
    the editing in this is crazy.
    • Posted By jbrauhman
    • May 03, 2014 at 9:58PM
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  • AustinBabeless
    Does any one know what the song is?
  • Héctor Cavallaro
    Miley does what Miley must, to be what Miley wants
  • karmakamedian
    I'm already tired of naked Miley. And S&M Miley. And for some reason not the least bit sexy Miley. Why won't she just be write a good song and sing it Miley.
    • Posted By karmakamedian
    • May 01, 2014 at 11:02PM
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  • Faery
    i can't stop watching it.
    • Posted By Faery
    • May 01, 2014 at 1:42PM
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  • Gwen Charles
    Unfortunately, this film is not sexy and neither is Miley in the situations created in the film. Quentin Jones could have pushed this further, rather than just falling into the continuing pattern of objectifying women on the screen. Jones self portrait video Naked with Paint satisfies the same concepts and completes it better than this bad copy. Jones ad Cyrus should take a minute to consider what message they are creating.
    • Posted By Gwen Charles
    • May 01, 2014 at 12:13PM
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  • Doowah
    i found sites like Nowness so i wouldnt be subjected to this type of shock value lowbrow pop nonsense. just because its b/w and hints towards bondage does not mean that its art. Nudity and the female body expoloited in almost any manner seem to be considered high brow provocative art to Nowness. i love the female form as much as anyone, but you can do better than this.
    • Posted By Doowah
    • May 01, 2014 at 11:24AM
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