Trois Soeurs

Adventures in Monochrome in a Spellbinding French Fashion Short

“When you're a young artist, you don't really have another choice than preserving an independent spirit if you want to make your ideas happen,” says Zoë Le Ber, who stars in the seductively languid Trois Soeurs alongside fellow Parisians Solene Hebert, last year’s face of Nina Ricci, and Priscilla de Laforcade, an actress and member of the indie-pop duo Les Chanteuses. Directed by Bulgarian photographer and filmmaker Elina Kechicheva, the trio form part of a generation of emerging models, actresses and singer-songwriters, with mutlti-hyphenate Le Ber recently directing the exhibitionist art short, Hors Les Murs for fashion and culture title Purple. “French cinema is known for its unexpectedness and accessibility, and today there is still the same drive as the days of the 'New Wave' to do something living and pertinent,” says Herbert.“The cinema is still so young," adds Le Ber. “The nouvelle vague was just the first intense wave of a long series, I hope.”

Favorite French classic film?
Zoë Le Ber:
Playtime by Jacques Tati
Solene Hebert: Pierrot Le Fou by Jean Luc Godard
Priscilla de Laforcade: La Maman et la Putain by Jean Eustache

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  • djØ
    As an aspiring young Bulgarian photographer i am happy and inspired to discover her work.
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    • June 24, 2014 at 2:05AM
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    Pure Breeds: The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    The Hilarious First Episode of Graydon Sheppard’s Brand New Pet Project

    From writer and filmmaker Graydon Sheppard comes the surreal new series, Pure Breeds, celebrating the most refined of pedigree pets. Commissioned exclusively for NOWNESS, we get better acquainted with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, well known for its silky coat, loyalty and affectionate demeanor. Heed the following warning: the above video contains wet noses, dreamy eyes, wagging tails and gently rippling fur. The viewer may witness scenes of panting, barking and frolicking. Sheppard's YouTube hit, Shit Girls Say, whose first episode featured a brilliant cameo from Juliette Lewis, has seen in excess of 30 million views. “I hadn’t really done much comedy before, and I love dressing up, so it was a perfect opportunity,” says Sheppard about the viral phenomena that started as a Twitter feed. We met him to discuss the pleasures of working with such distinguished house pets. 

    Can you tell us a little about why you wanted to look at purebreds?
    Graydon Sheppard:
    I’m a dog nut. It used to be so bad that when I saw a cute dog on the street and got to pet it, I would cry. Purebred dogs and cats are odd in that they’re ‘luxury animals,’ so they’re gorgeous and have interesting histories, but they’re also just animals that like to play and that I like to pet. They’re usually presented as either snooty Westminster dog show prize-winners, or disease-riddled, inbred sad-sacks, and I wanted to find that place in the middle without ignoring those elements. 

    Pure Breeds shows a love of household pets. Have you ever been a pet owner?
    It’s definitely a love. I had a dog named Molson, like the beer, 'cause I was a classy 13-year-old. He was a Humane Society mutt, we think a Bouvier-Shepherd cross, and he was so cute and docile and sweet when we went to meet him for the first time. But once we adopted him he turned into a total mental patient. He would literally scream like a human at the top of his lungs when we drove with him to obedience classes. I loved him so much. Bad dogs are cool.

    How did the talent behave on set? Were they cooperative?  Did they make unfair demands?
    GS: On the shoot day their little personalities shone through. Mylee was definitely the star, so the script changed because of her. When one dog would leave its position and run away, she would just jump into frame and sit exactly where the other dog was supposed to have been. 

    The animal whose personality most closely reflects your own is a..?
    Persian cat.

    And why is that?
    We’re both lazy assholes, I’m just slightly better at hiding it.

    Which of the “Shit [insert noun] Say” spin-offs was your favorite?
    GS: “Shit Sri Lankan Mothers Say.”

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    Sleepwalking in the Rift

    Cary Fukunaga Directs an East African Love Story For the Luxury Label Maiyet

    Against the arresting backdrop of the East African bush, Haley Bennett portrays a young woman at a crossroads in life in this daring film by the critically acclaimed director Cary Fukunaga, commissioned by the distinguished fashion brand Maiyet. “We showed up in Africa with a one-line idea of what we were trying to do,” says the young auteur, whose cast and crew spent three days in Kenya. “It was really experimental in that sense.” Maiyet founders Kristy Caylor and ex-human rights lawyer Paul Van Zyl’s decision to shoot on location in Kenya falls in line with the company’s mission to cultivate business and craft in unexpected place, wherever there is genuine skill. The result plays with the conventions of movie advertising: this is a trailer with no feature attached. Instead, Fukunaga created a 30-minute series of short vignettes featuring the Maiyet Resort 2013 collection, to premiere in London this week. After receiving the directing award at the 2009 Sundance Festival with his debut feature, Sin Nombre, the 35-year-old American filmmaker took on the latest adaptation of Jane Eyre, starring Mia Wasikowska with Michael Fassbender. Set to a sweetly evocative score, this recent work sees actress and singer Bennett forge a tender connection with her ranger guide, played by Swedish actor Fares Fares, as they explore lush new environments. The intensive process of filming had its own immersive, cinematic moments. “On our first or second day there, a herd of giraffes started charging us,” recalls the director. “It was so beautiful that we filmed it until we realized we should probably get out of the road.”
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