Bored Nothing: Let Down

Abteen Bagheri’s Video for the Lo-Fi Multi-Instrumentalist Is a Bittersweet Meditation on Young Love

“It’s creepy how the suburbs he filmed sit so well with what was in my imagination to begin with,” says Fergus Miller, the Melbourne-based vocalist and songwriter behind Bored Nothing of today’s nostalgic reimagining of unrequited first love directed by Los Angeles filmmaker Abteen Bagheri. “When I’m writing and daydreaming I’ll have made-up scenes from imagined movies going through my head, and it's as if he plucked one right out.” The video accompanies Miller’s ethereal, slacker rock ditty, “Let Down,” a perfect example of his bare-bones approach to music: he plays every instrument himself, resulting in a prolific output of DIY bedroom-studio EPs and the release of his eponymous debut full length earlier this year. Bagheri is known for his kinetic music videos for A$AP Rocky, Blood Orange and The Presets, and there is a tragic humor in today’s promo that is reinforced by the director’s own personal history. “The lead actress, Camille Balsamo, was my first ever crush in middle school. I didn’t mean for this to have any sort of real effect on the film initially, but it’s layered in the fabric of the piece,” muses Bagheri. “At least subconsciously, that kid is me. And the idea was to make the audience think that the kid is them, way back when.”

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  • Shundra Anderson
    I am a new member to this site, introduced to it, by AfroBohemianSnob on facebook. The film comes on, immediately, I watched it entirely, the music was compelling, drawing me in, making me feel what i was seeing. Wonderful interpretation of a young child's crush, we can all identify with this young boy, as he desires a woman, he will never have. I describe this piece, as honest and pure. I look forward to seeing more of your collaborations and work separately! Well done!

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