Early Morning Udon

Shuko Oda Reimagines the Traditional English Breakfast at Koya Bar

Serving a rarely seen Japanese morning menu, Shuko Oda’s creative approach to cooking is captured in today’s series by Berlin- and London-based photographer, Lena Emery. “The Japanese breakfast is very special to me,” says Oda, the Tokyo-born head chef of the recently launched Koya Bar in London’s Soho. “The restaurant has a different atmosphere in the early morning, when the air and kitchen both feel so fresh.” Her take on the traditional English breakfast consists of smoked bacon and eggs in a bowl of handmade udon noodles, and sits alongside her twist on the beloved Anglo-Indian spiced classic, kedgeree. “It’s one of the things I’ve always liked in British cuisine, and in Japan there’s also this craze where people eat curry for breakfast,” explains Oda. “I think it stems from the baseball player Ichiro Suzuki, who is famous for eating the dish in the morning.” At its heart, Koya Bar’s simple philosophy continues the attention to detail and cultish following already earned by its next-door neighbor, the original Koya that Oda opened with restaurateur John Devitt and head chef Junya Yamasaki in 2010, championing seasonal British and Japanese produce from independent farmers and butchers ever since.

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    On Collaboration: Amanda Harlech x Jonathan Anderson

    The Aristocratic Member of Team Lagerfeld Talks to the Young Designer for the Latest in Our Series with EDITION Hotels

    “I think that anybody who is a creative artist, who is making something out of nothing, has got to be allowed to explore and go into the wild, even if that is in the middle of a city,” muses Amanda Harlech, Karl Lagerfeld’s longtime right-hand woman who features in “Distinction,” the third part of On Collaboration, the NOWNESS series created in conjunction with EDITION Hotels. Director Johnnie Shand-Kydd captures Harlech alongside London-based designer Jonathan (J.W.) Anderson in the bucolic environs of her blissful Shropshire meadow. “Collaboration is the meeting of minds to birth something new or different,” says Anderson, the Northern Ireland-native at the helm of his own acclaimed, eponymous menswear and womenswear lines, Topshop capsule collections and his first collection for Versus, unveiled in May with the help of Donatella Versace. Harlech works as Creative Consultant for Lagerfeld—and previously John Galliano—and splits her time between Paris and her farm near the North Wales border. “You can only go forward; you can’t be nostalgic or self conscious, that is so dangerous for creativity,” says Harlech, a renowned supporter of emerging fashion talent. “The Latin root of the word collaboration is ‘to work.’ The interesting thing is actually making the work together. It’s all about finding a balance.”

    Each film in the On Collaboration series has been produced in partnership with EDITION Hotels, a new project between Ian Schrager and Marriott Hotels. The London EDITION opens today.

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    Margot Henderson: Burning Bush

    Five Days of Food, Part One: The British Chef Celebrates All Things Auburn with a Fiery Banquet

    Kicking off our one-week culinary extravaganza, redheaded restaurateur Margot Henderson prepares an orange-hued feast in Kim Gehrig’s dramatic short, narrated by actress, model and fellow ginger Lily Cole. “I feel my coloring has formed part of my character,” says the spirited Henderson, co-founder of the British culinary gem Rochelle Canteen, housed in a converted school bicycle shed in east London. “I wonder when my hair fades as the grey comes if you will see me sitting quietly in a corner?” Having risen to international prominence alongside husband Fergus Henderson of St. John’s restaurant and “nose-to-tail eating” fame, Margot hosted a luncheon during Frieze London 2012, exclusively for the art crowd’s ruddy-haired members. “People in the past have referred to my gingerness as ‘freaky’, so this seemed like an opportunity to celebrate the gorgeousness and oddity of the color.” Here Henderson selected Spaghetti Bottarga as the highlight of her autumnal menu, a creation featured in her latest book, You’re All Invited. The Italian dish uses dried mullet’s roe, the so-called “gold of the ocean,” alongside dazzling, phosphorescent sea urchins, which the chef washes down with a classic Negroni as she wickedly watches her fantasy banquet table erupt into flames. 


    Duration of shoot
One full day.


Number of pyromaniacs keeping the set alight
Total of five: three for the flames, one for making ash and one for burning tissues


    Fuel used

    Hundreds of bottles of turpentine and lighter fluid


    Safety precautions
    Five fire extinguishers and a pile of wet towels


    Number of ginger people on shoot
Eight (including Margot’s son, Hector)


    Number of Negronis drunk by Margot
    That would be telling…

    Number of Negronis drunk by the crew

    Jugs, not glasses.
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