Sky Ferreira: In Real Life

America’s Brightest Pop Hope Spotlights Youth Culture Clans in a New Film

Actress, model and singer Sky Ferreira stars in unsettling art-house short IRL, an eye-opening look into the reality of young life in New York. The film is the directorial debut from Grant Singer, best known for crafting music videos for acts such as Diiv, Tamaryn and Ferreira herself. Scripted by V magazine’s Patrik Sandberg, the Los Angeles-native takes the lead as Angel, a party girl fallen into paranoia and disenchantment. “Patrik was adamant about casting Sky as the lead before I’d ever met her,” recalls Singer who went on to make the video for the singer’s hit “Everything Is Embarassing.” “I met her shortly thereafter and was blown away. She’s breathtaking, and beneath the surface there’s a real depth to her. I was sold on the spot.” The zeitgeist-nailing short features a stellar cast of NYC’s most compelling characters, such as former Throbbing Gristle frontman Genesis P-Orridge, performance artist Whitney Vangrin and songwriter and model Liza Thorn. Today’s excerpt shows Ferreira talking about love with her onscreen boyfriend, model and former soldier Chris Wetmore, a favorite of Hedi Slimane’s. Later this year Ferreira is set to make her major motion picture debut in Eli Roth’s rainforest horror The Green Inferno and release her long-awaited first album I Will. “The internet and social networking has been around for most of my life,” muses Ferreira about the film and its acronymic title that takes inspiration from chat room speak. “I’ve also had times where I felt like I outgrew my friends and suddenly felt like a stranger [as Angel does in the film].” Here, the singer of the moment separates the real from the virtual.

Angel or devil? 

Blondie or Madonna?
Blonde ambition. Double meaning?

Boys with cropped hair or long locks?
Depends on the boy.

Going out or staying in?
Going in.

Love or lust?

NY or LA?

P-Orridge or Bizkit?

Pop or underground?
Either or.

Virtual or IRL?
Holographic principle.

Head to our Instagram page for Sky's exclusive takeover. Click here to purchase the full film from Monday June 24, and the end of July on iTunes and Hulu. 

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  • bambilashes
    Anyone know the name of the song playing in the end?
    • Posted By bambilashes
    • June 23, 2013 at 7:13PM
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  • azapotpot
    This is so cringey. I expected so much more from Sky! :(
    • Posted By azapotpot
    • June 22, 2013 at 2:27PM
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  • Franco De Rose
    This guy was not very convincing with his monologue!

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