Damian Kulash x Ambra Medda

A Romantic Hangout at Home with the OK Go Frontman and the Designista

A minimal New York apartment furnished with 1950s armchairs by Gio Ponti and a Barber Osgerby table light sets the scene in these portraits of loved-up power couple Damian Kulash and Ambra Medda, captured off duty by Martien Mulder. The second installment of this week's Ok Go two-parter, the photo series zooms in on the home life of band frontman and devoted husband Kulash, whose work has won millions of fans online with catchy indie-pop tunes and inventive, synchronized, dance-heavy lo-fi videos. The musical wunderkind met wife Medda, the precocious founder and former head of Design Miami, at the fair in 2009 while working on a special Ok Go collaboration with designer Moritz Waldemeyer and Fendi. Although sparks immediately flew during the project, which happened to involve laser guitars, Medda stayed focused on work until the pair was able to escape for a two-week first date to Tulum over Christmas and New Year. “We met at the airport and it was completely out of my character,” remembers Medda. “But it felt just so right that there was nothing I could do.” They have been inseparable ever since, returning to Mexico to marry in late 2011. We managed to catch a moment alone with each young luminary to ask them what they admired most in each other. 

Damian Kulash: The thing I admire most about Ambra is that she laughs a lot. For someone who is so efficient and effective and good at the world around her she is amazingly warm and playful. I’ve never met anyone who laughs as much as she does.

Ambra Medda: I thought long and hard and edited down a long list of qualities the boy embodies. My top two are that he’s inspired and funny. I think if you don't have fun with your partner you're missing out on a whole world of magical moments.

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    Effortlessly adorable.
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    Skyskrapers Remixed
    Today's Extra

    Skyskrapers Remixed

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    An exclusive remix of “Skyscrapers” by OK Go rounds off our two days with the band’s Damian Kulash and his cultured missus Ambra Medda. Besides fronting the viral indie outfit, Kulash recently launched record label Paracadute Recordings with his bandmates, giving the group more autonomy and enabling them to also sign and support talented friends like Lavender Diamond and Pyyramids. OK Go are currently recording their fourth studio album in the wilds of upstate New York having again sought the creative guidance of producer Dave Fridmann, best known for his work with The Flaming Lips and MGMT. “We’ve always loved his sound,” says Kulash. “If you’re in a place where you don’t know anyone you can put yourself in a bubble and that’s when I really get work done.”

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    Lovefest: Puppy <3

    Chanteuse du Jour Whinnie Williams Falls Hard By the Sea

    Two unexpected romances blossom in a grey seaside town in emerging songstress Whinnie Williams’ video for “You Don’t Love Me,” a debut single that takes puppy love literally. Shot in collaboration with DATS Entertainment along the Hastings promenade on the south coast of England, director Robert Francis Müller follows Williams’ jelly-shoe clad feet around amusement arcades, junk yards and caravans in pursuit of a handsome French stranger’s lost dog—and his affections. “I wanted to write a song for hopeless romantics,” says London-based Williams, who describes her sound as what it would be like “if Coco Chanel had a music production center.” Obsessed with her Gallic neighbors across the Channel, Williams is set on providing her own, updated twist on 1960s French pop. As for the video’s furry leading poodle, “Brian is part of the band,” she says. “He’s the best thing ever.” Read on for a snapshot of Whinnie’s amatory preferences. 

    Pink champagne or Apérol Spritz? 
    Whinnie Williams: Apérol.

    Kissing or snogging? 
    WW: Snogging.

    Part-Time Lover or Put a Ring On It?
    WW: Hmm… full-time boyfriend.

    Is your ideal man a geek or a jock? 
    WW: A jock to my geek.

    My Funny Valentine or My Bloody Valentine?
    WW: “My Funny Valentine!”

    “Bitter Sweet Symphony” or “Je t’aime... moi non plus”?
    WW: “Je t’aime...”

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