Miss Kittin: Bassline

The Electronic Dance Producer Throws Shapes in a Fluorescent Dreamscape

A black Ballardian dancefloor illuminated by a setting sun provides the science-fiction backdrop to Parisian dance music heroine Miss Kittin’s new video for “Bassline.” Dancers throw sultry silhouettes from the shadows as tales of nightclub seduction are sung over chattering hi-hats, classic Moroder synths and, of course, a relentless bassline. “I wanted to see if I could write something naive and without a real meaning, based on the musicality of the words,” explains Kittin, otherwise known as Caroline Hervé. Originally from Grenoble, the French singer, producer and D.J. studied graphic design at university only to rise to prominence in 1998 following her collaboration with The Hacker on the single “1982.” She has since released two solo LPs, and “Bassline” heralds the arrival of her third, Calling From The Stars, due out on wSphere in April. Working with director Andrew Woodhead and performing in front of a vast green screen, it was only in post-production that Hervé was transported to a world of inky voids and animated fluorescents. “The video is a building process of single neon dance moves breaking out into real live dancers, then finally into a chaotic alternate dimension,” says Woodhead. “This symbolizes the steps of a dance floor—how it starts off lonely then changes over the course of an evening into a frenzy of activity.”

Miss Kittin’s Five Favorite Bassline-Driven Tracks:

“Behind the Wheel” by Depeche Mode  

“Blue Monday” by New Order

“The Chase” by Giorgio Moroder (taken from the Midnight Express soundtrack)

“Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass” by I-F

“I Want Your Love” by Chic 

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  • Mozartmike
    I absolutely loved this.Almost techno sexier than all get out,had nothing but a great time with this.

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    Cass Bird x Daria Werbowy

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    The Rising Pop-Step Duo Premiere Their Choreographed Video for “Your Drums, Your Love”

    Dancers pop and lock around the mirrored and monochromatic artworks of young illustrator Arran Gregory in AlunaGeorge’s video for new single “Your Drums, Your Love.” Twinning electronic-driven R&B with pop sensibilities, Aluna Francis and George Reid first emerged with the hit video for their sultry “You Know You Like It.” Shot at Gregory’s current illustration exhibition at Dalston’s Print House Gallery by director Henry Scholfield, and with Francis wearing a cuboid necklace from east London jewelry designers Shimell and Madden, the video for “Your Drums, Your Love” was an opportunity to collaborate with friends. “There were so many personal elements that had been brought into it,” explains Francis. “We had been trying to work with Arran [Gregory] for a while and we just love sick dancing.” Combining Francis’s statuesque beauty and steamy vocals with Reid’s Dubstep-inspired pop production, the soulful duo, recently trumpeted by The New York Times and The Guardian, are currently putting the finishing touches to their as yet untitled debut album. Here, AlunaGeorge shared their top fashion week party tracks.

    Montell Jordan – “This is How We Do It”
    It’s an apt statement for any fashion show.

    Outkast – “Hey Ya!”
    It’s the “shake it like a Polaroid picture” bit. You can imagine everyone in the front row waving their fans watching the models go by. 

    Madonna – “Vogue” 
    It means a lot to a lot of different people, from the voguing community to young girls. I think it’s nice to bring a lot of different people together. 

    Daft Punk – “Digital Love”
    It’s been the soundtrack to most decent parties for the past decade. It doesn’t feel old either, and I still bloody love it!

    Make up by Smashbox.
    Styling by Foluke Anglin.

    Head to our Facebook page to go behind the scenes of today's film and post your questions for AlunaGeorge. The band will be posting answers to selected questions tomorrow, Tuesday 9/18.


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