Lovefest: Puppy <3

Chanteuse du Jour Whinnie Williams Falls Hard By the Sea

Two unexpected romances blossom in a grey seaside town in emerging songstress Whinnie Williams’ video for “You Don’t Love Me,” a debut single that takes puppy love literally. Shot in collaboration with DATS Entertainment along the Hastings promenade on the south coast of England, director Robert Francis Müller follows Williams’ jelly-shoe clad feet around amusement arcades, junk yards and caravans in pursuit of a handsome French stranger’s lost dog—and his affections. “I wanted to write a song for hopeless romantics,” says London-based Williams, who describes her sound as what it would be like “if Coco Chanel had a music production center.” Obsessed with her Gallic neighbors across the Channel, Williams is set on providing her own, updated twist on 1960s French pop. As for the video’s furry leading poodle, “Brian is part of the band,” she says. “He’s the best thing ever.” Read on for a snapshot of Whinnie’s amatory preferences. 

Pink champagne or Apérol Spritz?
Whinnie Williams: Apérol.

Kissing or snogging?
WW: Snogging.

Part-Time Lover or Put a Ring On It?
WW: Hmm… full-time boyfriend.

Is your ideal man a geek or a jock? 
WW: A jock to my geek.

My Funny Valentine or My Bloody Valentine?
WW: “My Funny Valentine!”

“Bitter Sweet Symphony” or “Je t’aime... moi non plus”?
WW: “Je t’aime...”

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  • Mozartmike
    Brilliant !
  • Mozartmike
    Brilliant !
  • sinceyouaregone
    Wow, she's really amazing. What a song, what a girl, what a voice! I hope this is only the begining, I'm already waiting for the full album. xx

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    On Replay

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    Charismatic music director and DJ Mimi Xu, AKA Misty Rabbit, models clothes by rising fashion talents in director Lisa Paclet’s short, created for the fifth edition of iconic Italian boutique Luisa Via Roma’s Firenze4Ever festival, which kicks off in Florence today. Inspired by the surrealist work of influential mid-century photographer Erwin Blumenfeld, Technicolor Dream is a close collaboration between Paclet and Xu, with the latter masterminding an original score for the hypnotizing visuals. “Another reference was Piet Mondrian,” explains Paclet, whose recent work includes films for Kenzo and Dior. “We built a set inspired by his paintings to frame Mimi’s body in different ways.” The film showcases designers from five Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week cities: Sheguang Hu (Shanghai), Michael Sontag (Berlin), Maria Escoté (Madrid), Stine Riis (Stockholm) and Charlotte Ronson (New York). A leading luxury e-commerce platform known for its on-the-pulse collections and limited-edition exclusives by revered designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Luisa Via Roma will stock the designers from the film for the first time. “Young, up-and-coming designers represent the future of fashion,” says Luisa Via Roma CEO Andrea Panconesi. “It is important to recognize this and give them a space alongside the historic fashion houses.”

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