Superfan: Josh Charles

The Good Wife Star and Ravens Supporter Gears Up for a Family-Style Super Bowl Sunday

As the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers prepare to go head to head in this Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVII, NOWNESS catches up with actor and avid fan Josh Charles to talk tradition and predictions for football’s biggest event of the year. Baltimore-born Charles, who made his name in The Dead Poets Society and co-stars in the acclaimed CBS series The Good Wife, has been cheering on his local team since even before it was the Ravens. “Growing up in the 70s and early 80s I was a diehard Colts fan, but they snuck out of town on a snowy March night in some Mayflower vans and took my heart with them,” says Charles. “It took 12 long years for the NFL to come back to Baltimore, but the Ravens have become our own and an organization the city can be extremely proud of.” On February 3, while America hunkers down in front of plasma TVs to snacks, beer, over-the-top ads and a half-time performance by Beyoncé, head coaching brothers John Harbaugh of the Ravens and Jim Harbaugh of the 49ers will pit their teams against each other in New Orleans. Charles will join hoards of fans in the Superdome rooting for heroes such as quarterback Joe Flacco, running back Ray Rice and linebackers Terrell Suggs and Ray Lewis. As the actor tells us, he is no stranger to spending the footfall fiesta with his family. 

What’s your Super Bowl itinerary this year?
Josh Charles: I’m going to the game on Sunday with my old friend Jonny O. and my Dad. They are the same two people I went with the last time the Ravens were in the Super Bowl 13 years ago in Tampa. As soon as we won the AFC Championship game last week, I called both of them and told them to book their flights because we have to do it all together again to keep the mojo working. They agreed.

Do any other football traditions run in the family?
JC: When I was growing up my brother and I used to play football every Thanksgiving at my grandparent’s house with my dad and all of our uncles.   

Your great-uncle Hunky predicts a Ravens victory—are his predictions based on stats or intuition?
JC: He just turned 99, so I’d say his prediction is based on life experience and who am I to argue? The man is an inspiration and was one hell of a basketball player in his day.

What’s your most surreal Super Bowl memory?
When the Ravens were in the Super Bowl last time I was so excited that I woke up around 5am the morning of the game and couldn’t fall back to sleep.  It was like Christmas. I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn’t actually playing in the game, but just watching it as a spectator.

Who in football history would you have loved to meet?
I was lucky enough to have met one of my heroes—the late great Baltimore Colt Johnny Unitas. He’s the reason the number 19 is my lucky number.

If the Ravens win how will you celebrate?
JC: Drink and be merry until the sun comes up.

What will you do if they lose?
JC: Drink.

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    Kobayashi's World Records 

    August 26, 2012: Hot Dogs
    World Record: 110 hot dogs (without buns) in 10 minutes at the New York State Fair in Syracuse, New York.

    March 25, 2011: Spaghetti
    Guinness World Record: 100g (3.53oz) in 45 seconds at the Lo Show Dei Record, Milan. 

    August 29, 2010: Hamburgers
    Guinness World Record: 10 hamburgers in three minutes on the set of Bikkuri Chojin 100 Special #4 (Fuji TV), New York. 

    March 8, 2010: Meatballs
    Guinness World Record: 29 meatballs in one minute on the set of Bikkuri Chojin 100 Special #3 (Fuji TV), New York. 

    The third issue of White Zinfandel, “Food Fights”, will be launched at NADA Miami on 6 December.

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    The Trestles, San Diego County.

    Shoot duration

    One day; a few hours in the morning, then off on a boat looking for clear pools of water, and then another hour of surfing at sunset.

    Number of waves surfed


    Number of surf choreographers used

    One: Sonny Miller.

    Two Arri 16mm film cameras in custom-made underwater housings.

    Food consumed on set

    Bagels and cream cheese, chips, guacamole and salsa.

    Drink consumed on set

    Water, coconut water and some tequila at the end of the day.

    Approximate calories burned surfing


    Surfboard used

    5’9 DHD (Darren Handley Designs).

    Kris Zero.

 and makeup
    Angelina Cheng.


    Bikinis by Zero, Maria Cornejo and Cali Dreaming. Wetsuit by Quiksilver.

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