Delorean: Unhold

A New York Sculpture Park Hosts a Union of the Barcelona Band and Chairlift's Caroline Polachek

Brooklyn indie star Caroline Polachek traverses a bluestone maze like a warped Red Riding Hood in the video for “Unhold” by Barcelona-based Glasser and The xx collaborators, Delorean. The film's location is the Opus 40 sculpture park, created by American artist Harvey Fite, who transformed a former quarry in New York State into a bewitching public space over nearly four decades from the late 1930s. It was chosen by Grammy-nominated director Eric Epstein for its beguiling geometric details: “We were looking for an outdoor location to contrast with the studio, with dimensions to make use of the effect we were using,” he says. “The moving footage is resolved to a flat plane, so that everything in relief from that surface skews and stretches.” Epstein has previously worked with Polachek’s shoegaze pop outfit Chairlift, and his latest video accompanies the new single from today's featured Spanish quartet’s album Apar, recorded in the band’s own studio in the Catalan neighborhood of Poblenou with Friendly Fires producer Chris Zane. “The track has this sway to it that I thought could be complimented by the visuals,” says the director. “And to me the lyrics evoke misunderstanding and clashing perspectives, which seemed somewhat fitting for the approach we took.”

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    Hanni El Khatib: Pay No Mind

    Simon Cahn Goes Pop with the Los Angeles Garage Rocker

    Cheerleaders gyrate to the blistering garage rock of Hanni El Khatib's “Pay No Mind,” produced by lead singer of The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach in his Nashville studio. The video is directed by Simon Cahn, who in 2011 collaborated with Spike Jonze and Olympia Le-Tan on a witty, stop-motion romance set in a Paris bookshop. “Simon has a very specific type of humor that he always injects in his work. I like it when creatives don't take themselves too seriously,” says El Khatib of his longstanding collaborator. “I'd say it's all about having fun,” says Cahn. “The idea for this video was to go for the opposite of rock 'n' roll imagery. I really wanted to do something unexpected for Hanni.” While filming may have been fun, making his second album Head in the Dirt with Auerbach was a decidedly more bacchanalian experience: “During the recording of album track 'Nobody Move,' Dan and I lit the Hammond organ on fire, while keyboard player, Bobby Emmet, ripped his final solo on the track,” says El Khatib. “I think the best place to listen to it is in a Mazda Miata with the top down, naked and sucking on a piña colada.”

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    Daniel Avery: All I Need

    A Union of Flesh and Beats From Erol Alkan's Expansive Dance Protégé

    The pulsating, warped electronics of Daniel Avery’s “All I Need” cloak a half-clothed ensemble in this carnal music promo shot by Lewis Kyle White. Following remixes for Django Django and Primal Scream, Avery wrote his critically acclaimed debut album Drone Logic in a converted shipping container overlooking the Thames in London, creating a disorientating record that Rough Trade has cited as its dance album of the year. “I didn't want to make anything throwback. It had to represent me working in London in 2013,” explains Avery of his uncompromising record. “A level of patience is required; you can come with us on this trip if you like, it's going to be amazing but it's going to happen at our pace.” The Fabric DJ was taken under the wing of both venerated dance polymath Andrew Weatherall and electro pioneer and Phantasy label owner Erol Alkan, who himself invited White to make the video. “There is an intimate sound at the start of the track that reminds me of the moment you wake up in bed with someone right there in your face, breathing,” says the director of the inspiration behind the video's oddly estranged sensuality. “I was thinking of things such as internet dating: being close to someone yet remaining very distant.”

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