Sunrise, Sunset: Washed Out

A Dawn Chorus from the Psychedelic Dreamer Heralds a New Series with Yours Truly

“It was interesting to see the changes in color that happen over the course of two or three hours,” says Ernest Greene, aka Washed Out, describing the spectacle of the Californian coast before dawn that kicks off Sunrise, Sunset, a new NOWNESS series created by music filmmaking collective Yours Truly. “I can’t remember the last time I slowed down enough to soak all of that in.” The film segues from the beauty of beachside town Carmel into a hushed early morning performance of “Paracosm,” the eponymous track from the Sup Pop signing’s second album. Written in and around Greene’s countryside home outside Athens, Georgia, the album’s electronic flourishes and dreamlike aesthetic chime with the picturesque landscape captured here. “The week before the band arrived, we went out on adventures along a stretch from Carmel to Monterey and down to Big Sur,” says director Babak Khoshnoud, who in 2009 co-founded Yours Truly alongside William Abramson and Nate Chan. “It reminded us of the sounds and visuals that the record contains; it’s a soundtrack to summer, regardless of the season.”

Look out for NOWNESS' bespoke dusk and dawn collaborations with Yours Truly during the coming months.

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    Highly inspirational,I love it

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    On Collaboration: Solange Knowles x Toyin Odutola

    The New York Pair Share Their Mutual Appreciation in the Last of Our Series with EDITION Hotels

    “I think the essence of collaboration is being able to lay yourself on the line,” says singer and songwriter Solange Knowles, discussing visual artist Toyin Odutola’s powerful pen-and-marker works that explore identity in the fifth and final part of NOWNESS’ series created in conjunction with EDITION Hotels. “The best collaborations are not knowing what to expect; being completely open-minded and having a sense of vulnerability.” In this episode entitled “Inspiration,” the pair unpack their shared appreciation for one another: Knowles' first correspondence with Odutola was after she looked to track down the artist’s intricate, embossed pieces after a sold-out exhibition at New York’s Jack Shainman Gallery; she went on to commission an artwork which brought the two creatives closer. “I thought how can I address this in a way that's poignant and feel like I can really connect with you?” says Odutola. “So I did this series of myself looking down in this exhausted state, then looking up like I’m going to tackle you, and then down again.” The pair have a mutual muse in Africa, as reflected in Knowles’ most recent EP release, True—co-written with Dev Hynes—which gave rise to the Cape Town-filmed video to “Losing You,” and My Country Has No Name, the third solo show from Odutula, who was born in Nigeria and grew up in Alabama. “It was months and months of creating, so it was really nice to have Solange’s voice in my head as I'm working,” explains Odutola of listening to her friend’s music. “Your message is something that really connected with me; I see myself in your work.”

    Each film in the On Collaboration series has been produced in partnership with EDITION Hotels, a new project between Ian Schrager and Marriott Hotels. The London EDITION opened in September 2013.

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    Shorts on Sundays: Atelier Persol Part Two

    The Second Half of Chiara Clemente’s Look at Persol Eyewear’s Groundbreaking Artist-in-Residence Project

    In the second installment of Chiara Clemente’s Atelier Persol documentary, the New York-based filmmaker captures the work in progress of eight artists during their weeklong retreat in Florence, Italy. Sebastian Tellier, Kolkoz, Vanina Sorrenti, Robert Montgomery, Futura, Fabio Novembre, Random International and Mathilde Monnier, present a series of site-specific rooms inspired by themes including ‘Touch,’ ‘Harmony’ and ‘Precision.’ “We flew to Italy from New York straight after Hurricane Sandy,” says Clemente. “It was a shock to land in Florence with the beautiful views of the Palazzo.” The director’s work often focuses on creative beginnings and the early memories of Kolkoz, the Parisian art duo of Samuel Boutruche and Benjamin Moreau helped shape the symbiotic, multi-camera film they created at Atelier Persol. “When we rented our first studio in Marseille we ended up playing video games every day, paralyzed in front of our screens,” says Boutruche. “This moment may seem disconnected with art creation but computer software has had a huge impact on our vision. It’s an unsetting but interesting way of recording and perceiving the world.”

    View part one here.

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