Sharif Hamza: Dreams of Levitation

A Soaring Portrait of Daredevil Motocross Riders High Above the Nevada Desert

“As a sport that involves great personal risk, freestyle motocross is a perfect way to create a sense of story and proved a beautiful way to look at menswear,” says NOWNESS contributor Sharif Hamza. The V, Vogue and W photographer's black-and-white portrait of professional motorcycle riders Tim O’Brien and Greg Garrison captures the duo revving across a barren Nevada plain. “I love spectating people who are able to do something with their bodies and minds that I understand but couldn’t be capable of.” With the stuntmen flying overhead, Dreams of Levitation features model Shaun de Wet clad in metallic, biker-inspired gear by up-and-coming New York-based designer Tim Coppens, and a hypnotic voiceover written by Laura Albert and read by De Wet. “The voice she created is that of the rider in his later years, washed up and living a normal life,” adds Hamza of the contribution of Albert, who under the pseudonym JT LeRoy became the provocative voice of the literary counter culture in 1999. “She helped me to think about who the man is beyond his sport. He’s a roadside mechanic, reminiscing on a peak in his life, a time when he was capable of anything.”

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  • ddavid
    Along time ago, in fact a very, very long time ago, I had a Bultaco 125cc motocross bike, which I raced -- although not professinally. The images, fabulous in black and white; the narration in that resonant voice; and the magical words crafted by Laura Albert -- all combine to bring back not only the memories of those days, but more importantly the feeling. You have all made something very special, very poetic.
    • Posted By ddavid
    • October 14, 2013 at 3:06PM
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  • Lucinda Riva
    Pure Poetry over haunting music, and vast images...Mystical words over arid landscapes... "to this singular moment" "the inevitable tender sinking" "pacing the veins of the wind" draws me back to this film, "at play in the fields of the Lord". Thank you, Laura heart aches in joy.
  • Lucinda Riva
    Spacious, measured, beautiful, through the finger tips merging beyond, "am I at play in the fields of the Lord..." Laura Albert, thank you....xoxo
  • MJR
    "speed becomes stillness" "ritual of walking" "present..was" these were my favorite bits. this shows the raw genius of thought that is Laura Albert and Hamza's super high production value (pun intended).
    • Posted By MJR
    • October 10, 2013 at 11:25PM
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    The marriage of images and words succeed in conveying the sense of time and life suspended at a moment of peak experience that is felt by many who participate (for lack of a better word) in extreme sport. Bravo!
  • Mary Meyer
    Motocross made literary. Already poetic and stunning, it has now gained new depth with Laura Albert's narrative. It all works. Beautiful.
  • Brownie72
    What a beautiful coming together of Hamza Sharif & Laura Albert - I love this, so simple but precise and it's the musicality that tied it all together - genius! I also kept thinking Mad Max when he was walking - life is a thrill but don't let it disappear too fast! Loved!
  • Jason Lahman
    A beautiful meditation on the body released from gravity! I also really appreciate the use of material metaphors to convey the seeming solidity of interior experiences: "tintype-memory", "atmosphere crystal-cut", "a melting flourish", "feeling the raw question"... fine work here! Keep it up.
  • Johnnie Luis
    I never thought poetic inspiration could be achieved through X-games rituals--good pairing. It's nice to see both poet and rider letting go!
  • Jay Hizzle
    This project is the lovechild of Whimsy and Rugged. This short stirred in me the desire to get on my bike and hit the back roads. It strikes a beautiful, yet haunting, harmony between the transcendental nature of riding and the very real danger of succumbing to one's passion.
  • jdongbang
    Rugged, yet sensitive. Moving
    • Posted By jdongbang
    • October 10, 2013 at 4:44PM
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  • Nicole V. Gagné
    Sharif Hamza and Laura Albert have created a beautiful and poetic short film, bravo!
  • Lucinda Riva
    Ebb and flow words, timeless and soothing... at Play in the Fields of the Lord, my long-favorite...
  • janjamm
    This is such a cliched vision. Really. Both the verbal expression and the visuals are boring, like listening to your father tell you what manhood is.
    • Posted By janjamm
    • October 10, 2013 at 12:49PM
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  • Kodachrome 25
    Whispering stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!!

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