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The Italian Blog Star Reveals Her Down-Time Tips for the Perfect Day at Milan Fashion Week

Street style favorite and beauty-about-town Eleonora Carisi stops by the Borsalino showroom and grabs a coffee at Fioraio Bianchi as she flits around Milan in this day-in-the-life series by photographer Piotr Niepsuj. Recently named one of the hottest new fashionistas by Style.com, and appearing regularly on The Sartorialist and other online style bibles, Carisi also runs her own blog at JouJouVilleroy and is the proprietor of hip Turin-based concept shop YouStore. “She’s elegant but not too elegant, retro but up to date, feminine but not girly—she’s just cool,” says Milan-based Niepsuj, whose clients include Nike, Adidas, and Mont Blanc. Adds the photographer, “She’s constantly on the run, and always on the phone!” Before embarking on her busy Fashion Week schedule, the Milanese stunner revealed some of her favorite spots for a coffee break, a quick bite, or a shopping spree when in the Italian fashion capital.  

Max & Co.
“This week I have to go to the presentation of the new Max and Co. shop in Milan! One of my best friends from Turin made all the furniture with his team from Ciszak Dalmas. Crazy isn't it? So proud!”
Max & Co., Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 20122, Milan

Fioraio Bianchi Caffè
“In between orchids, beautiful flowers, and surrounded by the most amazing smells… A great place to come for a coffee and talk with friends.”
Via Montebello, 7 20121, Milan

Trattoria Bagutta
“This restaurant reminds me of old French movies and a wonderful day when I shot for [French department store] Galeries Lafayettes with [photographer] Chris Heads! We took some very funny photos with the chef!” 
Via Bagutta, 14 20121, Zona Centro (Piazza San Babila)
, Milan

Morgan’s cocktail bar
“I love flamingos so their sign is perfect for me and it’s all pink and 50s styled, so it feels like a cocktail movie with Tom Cruise! There are paper umbrellas on the drinks, charming leather chairs, and just a generally nice atmosphere. Sometimes you need a good place with not-too-big crowds to be able to actually hear the voices of your friends!”
Via Francesco Novati, 2 20123, Milan

Borsalino Showroom
“Borsalino is such an iconic hat brand, and if you think about ‘Made in Italy’ this is really a brand that captures it. Chic, elegant, but at the same time rock‘n’roll and creative! I hade the chance to see the archive with hats, hats, and more hats, including thousands of hats used for films and photoshoots!”
Via Lanza 4, ang. Foro Buonaparte, 
20121, Milan

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