Principles of Geometry

The French Electro Duo Look Back to the Future in Surreal Video Springed Dodge

An astronaut flees through fields and forests as a city of buildings-turned-rockets shoot into the sky in director Julien Carot sci-fi video for Principles of Geometry’s “Springed Dodge.” “The film creates a parallel between a runaway society seeking salvation, and an astronaut looking for light, having grown estranged from his own world and seeking a state of grace,” explains Carot. Portraying the Earth about to collide into the sun, the film was shot this summer between Paris and Saint Christophe-sur-Avre, Normandy, with shooting held up for days as Carot insisted on waiting for a heat wave and piercing sun overhead to capture the sense of imminent disaster. “It's always a pleasure to see people create their own images from our music,” say band members Guillaume Grosso and Jeremy Duval, who began making music together out of a common interest for VHS jingles and John Carpenter’s science fiction stories. Combining a crisp, quasi-primitive beat with their trademark vintage ambient sound, “Springed Dodge” is taken from the pair’s third album Burn the Land and Boil the Oceans, released on Tigersushi Records in May. “In a way, the circle is complete—as we clearly compose our music with images in our minds.”

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  • Caio Duarte
  • mderrick
    Amazing video.
    • Posted By mderrick
    • October 17, 2012 at 2:07PM
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  • Mr.Feathers
    This is so good. Guillaume Grosso and Jeremy Duval did an awesome job with this tune. The Director captured this perfectly. Julien Carot is super. ( Mr.Feathers from Miami,Fl )

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