Sean Bones: Hit Me Up

The Lounge-Chair Tropical Explorer Invites NOWNESS to Share his Summer Daze

The poolside antics of straw-hat sporting New York musician Sean Bones distil a hazy suburban safari feel in John Fitzgerald and Meshakai Wolf’s video for his new track “Hit Me Up.” Showing a late summer’s tomfoolery through the glaze of afternoon drinks, jokes and conversations, the watery video revels in the sunshine soaked 60s sounds and languid tunes that permeate Bones’ second album, Buzzards Boy, released in May. “It’s more of my nighttime dream,” says Bones of the video. “It’s what happens if you phone me after 2pm, it gets a little bit… foggy.” Beyond music, Bones has previously run limited edition swimwear line S/S Friends out of Cobble Hill, Brooklyn with his now wife—a series of bolo ties are now in the works—and starred alongside singer-songwriter Norah Jones, legendary reggae troupe The Congos and Jamaica’s lush jungle landscape in Ben Chace and Sam Fleischner’s slacker-core odyssey flick Wah Do Dem, which won Best Feature at the Los Angeles Film Festival. “I’ve become a kind of armchair travel writer via song,” jokes the bard. “It’s probably why I like wearing funny hats and khaki outfits from time to time.” Here the Massachusetts-native shares his top dog day tipple and sub-tropical destination.

What’s your ideal place to hang out in summer?
Ideally I would like to be on a beach or outdoors. To be outside as much as possible before I hibernate for the winter.

You’ve been rocking a safari hat quite a bit. Do you have any urban safari stories? Getting up to mischief in NYC or elsewhere?
Well I actually have been rocking a safari look for the past couple of years and I don’t really know where that comes from. I think I have resigned myself to the fact that I can’t always get out and travel as much as I would like to. So my music has kind of been the way that I have been exploring, which is why most of what has inspired me to write is about places outside of New York.

Any favorite poolside stories?
I did just go to a pool for the first time in New York City recently. There’s a new public swimming pool in Brooklyn Heights by the water near Dunbar. It’s only three feet deep and I’m sure I was swimming in kids’ urine but it was a nice break on a really hot day. Being in a pool in New York City is still a novel experience to me.

If you had a private jet to take you anywhere, where would you go?
Well it’s not that tropical, but the coastal area in Massachusetts where I’m from, called Buzzards Bay, is where I would be. Then any tropical place, like the Pacific side of Mexico. I haven’t seen that yet, take me there.

Choice summertime drink?
An ice tea lemonade.

Finally, what’s the best time to be ‘Hit Up’?  
Hit me up in the morning while I still have a little bit of clarity.

Check out Sean Bones' quirky self-interview short, shot exclusively for NOWNESS, on our Facebook page here.

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