Matthew Stone: How Do You Feel?

The Artist Gets Lyrical with Brooklyn MC Zebra Katz and Michele Lamy

Rising rapper Zebra Katz teams up with creative polymath Michele Lamy to lay down some poetry on this exclusive remix of Matthew Stone’s track, “How Do You Feel?” Originally commissioned as a longer soundtrack for designer Rick Owens’ menswear show last month, the hypnotic song sees Katz and Lamy recite “Old Age,” a poem by Harlem Renaissance writer Langston Hughes. “I sought Zebra out when I was in New York, took some photographs and we got on really well,” says Stone. “He would send me vocal bits from New York and then I added them to Michele's.” Zebra Katz––born Ojay Morgan––exploded onto the music scene when his incredibly catchy and expletive-laden “Ima Read” debuted at Rick Owens’ womenswear show in March, playing on repeat for the entirety of the 11-minute proceeding. “I was absolutely blown away,” says Katz, who has been a fan of Owens’ work since college. “I never thought ‘Ima Read’ would be coined the track of Paris Fashion Week.” With lyrics referencing the underground "ball" culture that he grew up around, and songs paying homage to the 1990s documentary on vogueing, Paris is Burning, Katz has carved out a unique position within the hip-hop scene. Lamy, Rick Owens’ wife and long-time collaborator, was the keystone for the whole process. Says Stone: “You learn just by being in the same room as Michele, hearing her read the poem she chose over and over, has given it a particular resonance.”

"How Do You Feel" produced by Joe Ashworth; Zebra Katz vocals engineered by Mike Dextro. 

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