Rufus Wainwright: Bitter Tears

Behind the Scenes of the Crooner's Latest Pop Creation with Mark Ronson

Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright speaks candidly about new track “Bitter Tears” and his collaboration with DJ/producer Mark Ronson on current album Out of the Game. “‘Bitter Tears’ is specifically one of the songs that inspired Mark to work with me,” says Wainwright of his disco-fugue ballad. “His love for this album started with that song, really.” Bolstered by Ronson’s savvy for danceable beats, Wainwright’s seventh LP is a poignant return featuring guest appearances from the likes of Sean Lennon, Miike Snow’s Andrew Wyatt, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Nick Zinner. Wainwright’s latest effort comes after several deeply eventful years, which saw the birth of his daughter and the passing of his mother, folk maven Kate McGarrigle, as well as the engagement to his long-time partner. “The album is almost like a snapshot of my life. There’s something very crisp and clean about that—which is nice,” he says. Heading out next week on his first North American tour with a full band in four years, the pop provocateur reveals his taste for cabaret, leather and saunas.

Luck or fate?
I want to say fate, but it’s probably luck. 

Bach or Beethoven? 
Beethoven, especially with this album.

Politesse or frankness?
Frankness. Just give it to them the way it is: a kick in the pants.

Cabaret or discotheque?
I’m a very loyal person, so I have to say cabaret.

Librarian or historian? 
I’m feeling sexy, so librarian.

“Piano Man” or Burning Man?
“Piano Man.” 

Nostalgia or aspiration?

Lace or leather?

The waking hour or the bewitching hour?
Bewitching, of course. 

Sonnet or sonata?
Sonnet. Or, sauna! 

Beginning or ending?
Beginning. There’s no such thing as ending.

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