The Woodsman Tavern

Portland’s Coffee Kingpin Duane Sorenson Adds Taproom and Food Market to His Hipster Empire

The beating heart of the city of Portland, Oregon, Stumptown Coffee founder Duane Sorenson shows photographer Patrick Fraser around his latest venture, The Woodsman Market and Tavern. Opened on the same block as Sorenson's original Stumptown Roaster, which revolutionised coffee culture by treating it as an artisanal foodstuff for the first time, the Woodsman sells a curated selection of kitchenware and foods for the pantry, while the Tavern serves smoky, hearty fare and cocktails. Sorenson’s brunch-time recommendation is the Rainer Gin Fizz, a milky concoction of egg whites, citrus, cream and plenty of gin. “I know every single person that’s sitting here eating right now because I’ve been making them coffee for 13 years,” he enthuses. “To put a small little market with foods that I’m crazy about has been fun for me. I’m proud of being able to share it with these people.” Inspired by the meat market his father ran when he was a kid, the market’s comfortable neo-rustic design features reclaimed paintings, chairs, lighting and even a wooden floor all sourced by Sorenson himself over a six-year period. In true Portland fashion, Sorenson has plans for a beer hall behind the street-facing trio of Stumptown, The Woodsman Tavern and Market, dedicating a full square block to Portland’s favorite pastime: eating and drinking.

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  • Ulli Rotzscher
    Beautiful photography,very moody.
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    This is a fantastic article. My only suggestion is that I think there should be a direct link to;))

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