Lana Del Rey x Blood Orange

An Exclusive Remix and Sassy Talk From the Breathy Starlet on Everybody’s Lips

Irrepressible singer Lana Del Rey's wistful “Blue Jeans” is given a minimal 80s-inspired re-imagining by enigmatic Brooklyn-based musician and producer Blood Orange, AKA Dev Hynes. Breaking through with last year's sensual and epic single “Video Games,” Del Rey has rapidly garnered critical and commercial success with her diversely inspired songs and halcyon Americana look. The Lake Placid, New York, native’s debut album Born to Die topped the charts internationally as part of a meteoric rise to fame that has seen the 25-year-old sensation land the covers of British Vogue, Interview, Wonderland and The New York Times T Magazine. “I didn't compromise lyrically or sonically, I got to relive my memories through music and that made me happy,” explains Del Rey. “I've seen good writers sell their souls to the devil and trade their artistic integrity for radio plays and in the end they just end up wanting to kill themselves. I sing for myself and no one else.” Released as a single next week, “Blue Jeans” was written at the Santa Monica cottage of composer Dan Heath, with Del Rey freestyling the lyrics over a chord progression that would end up becoming the track’s haunting chorus. Here the doe-eyed, pouting star reveals her love of life in the fast lane.

Blue jeans or bobby socks?

Second hand or vintage?

Board games or video games?
Amusement Parks.

To have loved and lost or never loved at all?
When I was young I would've said loved and lost, now I know better.

Night in or night out?
Night out driving in LA.

Doing it for the love of it or doing it for the hell of it?
For the hell of it.

Glamorously debauched or effortlessly glamorous?

Kurt Cobain or Leonard Cohen?
Both. With Jim Morrison.

Illustration by Jeanne Detallante, 2012

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