Quentin Jones: Naked with Paint

The Coquettish Artist Becomes the Canvas in Her Latest Animated Short

Illustrator, animator and fashion filmmaker Quentin Jones paints a daring self-portrait in an inky new film for NOWNESS. The London-based model and Cambridge philosophy graduate, whose mélange of hand-drawn and digital animations have appeared in fashion films for Vogue, AnOther and The Hunger, ditched the usual scripts, storyboards and wardrobe to star in a freewheeling two-tone romp. A personal project developed during scarce downtime between projects for Chanel, Victoria Beckham and Kenzo, Jones toyed with the idea of painting directly onto her subject, in this case herself, side-stepping the interruptions of shooting stop-motion. Overlayed with cut-outs and illustrations, Jones’s films are a cheeky wink to Dadaism. “We developed this technique of dropping the ink onto bits of porcelain and blowing it around with a straw, then filming it move and superimposing that onto video,” reveals the autodidact. Regularly raiding art libraries for imagery, Jones can be faced with up to 25,000 jpegs to choose from, requiring an entirely different set of skills. “It's a really geeky stage, but editing could be the most creative part of the process, because you need to have a type of intuition.” Here the multimedia artist explains what influences her final edit. 

Claymation or animation?

Lucian or Sigmund?
Lucian. I did my A-Level Art dissertation on Lucian. Big fan from a young age.

Dawn or dusk? 
Dawn. For its potential.

Birkin or Bardot? 
Birkin. Those eyes.

Kaleidoscopes or microscopes?

By air or by sea?
By sea.

Disney or Dalí?
Disney. Dalí can be visually underwhelming...

Onyx or kohl?

Labyrinth or The Man Who Fell to Earth?
Labyrinth. It’s in my top five all time favorites.

Cut or paste?
Cut. Cutting is the creativity, gluing just allows you to commit and show it to other people.

Decanter or atomizer? 

Cruella de Vil or the Queen of Hearts? 
Queen of Hearts. Such a can-do attitude!

Holmes or Moriarty?

Stripes or Pleats?
Stripes. Tough one, but ultimately pleats are just a form of three-dimensional stripe, so let's stay true.

Feline or Canine?
Canine (it’s a shame you rarely find cats with dogs’ personalities).

Espadrilles or escarpins?

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  • Maria_127
    I'm not an Artist and I'm barely starting to explore different kinds of art forms. To me this is Art., most of the modern art I have seen doesn't interest me but this really does. I have no idea if it's modern art or if it's some form of video art., but in reality and all honesty this is beautiful. Maybe I don't understand the message and maybe there is no message but I still think it's Art. At least to me anyway. Just because something isn't made following certain guidelines it doesn't make it wrong, or distasteful, just different.
  • TAHardy
    another vote for Chistopher_Rank!
  • A. S. Secci
    I perfectly agree with Chistopher_Rank !
    • Posted By A. S. Secci
    • January 01, 2013 at 2:57PM
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  • Christopher_Rank
    And behold what happens when form is bereft of substance. Everything about this piece is about the visual and nothing relates to any semblance of concept. Shlock that reels in non-thinkers and exposes their ignorance of the interplay that should go with art. What does this piece tell us about this "artist". It is simple titillation masked in some supposed statement. This is the kind of "art" that not only is what dadaism was targeting but the fact that this "artist" is even referencing it, shows a profound ignorance of her subject matter and her understanding of the wider views of modern art. Please stop making real artists cry.
    • Posted By Christopher_Rank
    • May 07, 2012 at 12:53PM
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  • goldrae
    love this! by the way...dali and disney- <a href="http://bit.ly/ImKCHv" target="_blank">http://bit.ly/ImKCHv</a>
    • Posted By goldrae
    • May 01, 2012 at 11:23AM
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