SvP: Double Vision

Photographer Walter Pfeiffer Shoots Identical Twins Valeria Napoleone and Stefania Pramma

Identical twins Valeria Napoleone and Stefania Pramma pair up for a vibrantly off-kilter portrait series by cult Swiss photographer Walter Pfeiffer. Styled by Fantastic Man’s Jodie Barnes, the fashionable siblings wore complimentary Alaïa, Margiela and Céline accessorized with Chanel, Fabergé and designs from their own line of jewelry, “SvP”. The willowy Italian sisters are a fixture on the international art circuit, where they can be found lighting up a room in colorful, matching Issey Miyake and Prada outfits. London-based Napoleone is a respected collector and patron of female artists—the works of Jill Spector, Nicola Pisano and Rebecca Morris fill her living room—while Pramma is an independent luxury accessories designer and consultant in New York. Growing up close to Milan, their mother would take them to the family's jeweler to have individual pieces made to mark special occasions. It is a tradition they have continued with “SvP”, using gems found on their travels or dismantled from existing designs to make up one-off pairs of jewelry. “Working with artisans is so personal and these pieces can take a long time to complete, up to six months,” says Napoleone. “We don’t have a timeline because we don’t have to present it to anyone. For us it’s about creating something that surprises you—that’s poetic but has a sense of humor.” Here the sisters describe some of their more idiosyncratic pieces. 

Crying Eye necklace (worn over eye) in gold, set with pearls, yellow topaz and green enamel, designed by Valeria Napoleone and Stefania Pramma for SvP:
The eyelid actually moves; it’s a winking eye!
Mine is the same design, but for the other eye, and the coloring is different––the iris and eyelid are in orange and pink. We designed these about three years ago. Actually, I first created this necklace design in plaster. I used fake eyelashes for the lids. I used to wear it a lot but it would break. So I said, let’s make it as fine jewellery. 

Quartz, emerald and diamond set in a rose gold and platinum ring, by SvP:
Stefania gave me this rutilated quartz that she found in China, and I had this little emerald from another jewelry piece that I took apart many years ago. Then I had some diamonds from another old pair of earrings. I wanted to do something with the stones, so we designed this, which is quite architectural, industrial.
You wore it on the NOWNESS shoot.
Yes, but it’s not very obvious because of what I was wearing. The quartz is not a precious stone, but it’s not about that. 

Snake ring in rose gold with diamonds and an emerald cut peridot, by SvP:
The snake’s tongue is holding a peridot. Here again, we had the stone and we just worked around it. I am very attracted to animal shapes.
And in terms of sizing, we go up and down. Sometimes we produce something large, then something small. Now, we don’t wear so much jewelry. We usually wear one piece at a time—we don’t clutter ourselves with it. We don’t really do earrings anymore. I love them for the odd evening, but we’ve moved onto more intimate pieces.

View full credits for the shoot here.

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