Predictions Week 2013: Mimi Xu

The Musical Muse Breaks a New Track and Curates Sounds to Ring In the New Year

Beijing-born, Paris-bred and London-based Mimi Xu, aka DJ Misty Rabbit, shares her picks for the tunes and artists-to-watch of 2013 and debuts a new track, "Never Say Never". An auditory fixture on the fashion scene for nearly ten years, Xu has created show tracks for the likes of Vanessa Bruno, Prada, Acne and Topshop Unique, and has DJ’d parties for Miu Miu and Versace, among others. “I’m seeing an inclination towards a very bass-heavy, dirty hip-hop,” says Xu, who is also the publisher behind the Parisian music magazine Trax, of next year’s runway music trends. Looking forward, she dreams of working with Alexander Wang, Rick Owens, and Jil Sander in the seasons to come, and in the meantime predicts the rise of subversive hip-hop and the demise of shows like X Factor as future waves in the pop music scene.

What will be your theme song for 2013?
“Born to Be Alive” by Patrick Hernandez.

What existing tracks will be must-haves on your iPod in 2013?
I love old music. People should re-listen to all Kraftwerk’s albums to get ready for their Tate Modern concerts coming up in February. 

Will we be witnessing a new musical trend in 2013?
Gay hip-hop is going to take over.  

Which artists will become the hottest in the fashion industry?
I vote for Angel Haze—and I’m looking forward to seeing what SBTRKT does next. 

What album release are you most looking forward to next year?
My friends’ albums, like the new Soulwax and Klaxons. The pressure is on for the boys!

Following years of free downloads, will music find a new way to survive in 2013?
Totally—people need to go out more and see live performances. Musicians need to offer better live propositions. It’s about taking the audience to a new level, beyond the record. 

Will 2013 be the year that we finally give up on shows like X Factor and American Idol?
Hopefully. I think we have enough Céline Dions in this world. 

If you could make any band come back in 2013, who would it be?
I'd love to see Can, Cabaret Voltaire, Bauhaus, Simon & Garfunkel or simply The Clash (with Joe Strummer, which is impossible). I would also love to see Wham!...with none of George's new material. 

To listen to Mimi Xu’s New Year mix, click here.

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