Adrien Sauvage: Dress Easy

The Dapper Polymath Shares His Lifestyle Philosophy in a Sharp New Short

British made-to-measure maverick Adrien Sauvage enlists Submarine star Craig Roberts as his disciple in a self-directed new film explaining the deceptively simple philosophy of “DE”, or “Dress Easy.” Following stints as an English international basketball player and a roving personal stylist, the 29-year-old established his A. Sauvage label and opened a boutique on London’s Maddox Street earlier this year. Now dressing the likes of Noomi Rapace, Richie Culver and NBA star Luol Deng, Sauvage crafts outfits combining subtle innovations like beltless trousers with vibrant Akan patterns reflecting his Ghanaian heritage. “Craig and I were on a shoot together earlier this year,” says Sauvage of casting the 21-year-old Welshman in the role of “The Student.” “I was digging his awkward and unpredictable silence. He had the sensitivity of DE and reminded me of a young Dustin Hoffman.” The ethos of DE involves simplifying styling decisions to free up time to concentrate on more important matters. The Disciple of DE follows on from Sauvage’s previous film, The Art of DE, which introduced the idea and screened at Sundance. Here, the designer reveals how that art can be applied to any given task.

Ordering a drink at a busy bar
The DE man has time on his side and a queue does not phase him. The DE man stands out from the crowd so never has to wait long.

Erecting an umbrella
The DE man unclasps the umbrella, smoothly holds it at arms length and pushes the release button, simultaneously gliding it aloft. The DE man never has a push-up umbrella.

Making a cup of tea
The DE man waits patiently for the kettle to boil. Two sugars––never a third, no matter how sweet his tooth may be.

Cutting a length of kente cloth
The DE man surveys the cloth, plotting in his mind his direction. The DE man cuts in the most direct and efficient path so no cloth is wasted.

Defusing an argument
The DE man would never be in an argument. Each sentence is thought out, and opinions are expressed in a clear concise manner. No one disagrees with the DE man.

Scoring a three-pointer
With his back turned to the hoop, the DE man knows where the hoop sits. With a swift pivot and an easy follow-through the points are scored.

Completing a crossword
The DE man will study the crossword until he knows the answers to all the questions. Only then will he fill in the crossword. The DE man will not sit and dither.

Writing a letter
The DE Man writes in short and precise sentences, knowing exactly what is to be said and how. The DE man does not write about nonsensical subjects.

Rowing a boat
The DE man rows a boat with the effortlessness and ease afforded to him by his clothing. The DE man is comfortable in every situation.

Visit our Facebook page to see Sauvage’s behind-the-scenes shots from the set here, and revisit his "surrealism" Q&A here.

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