Bryanboy in DSquared2

The Filipino Fashion Blogger Styles Himself for the Caten Twins’ Milan Show

Amidst cigarette smoke and loud rock music, fashion blogger du jour Bryan Grey Yambao, AKA Bryanboy, met with DSquared2 founders Dean and Dan Caten in their Milan showroom for an exclusive preview of the twins’ new collection. Afterwards, the scribe turned stylist when he picked out a multicolored ensemble from their spring and resort lines to wear front row at the DSquared2 Milan Fashion Week show. “It’s very wearable, I love the color scheme, the primary colors,” Yambao says of the outfit. “It’s great to do a color-blocking story.” Deemed one of the hottest internet personalities by The New York Times, Yambao has a legion of celebrity and designer fans—Marc Jacobs even named the BB Ostrich Bag after him. Below, the Canada-born siblings talk Yambao through their bright, festival-inspired collection.

Bryanboy: It’s like a Coachella theme! 

Dean and Dan: Glastonbury. Trashy glamor Glastonbury. It’s very summer. What we love about Glastonbury is the famous people, they have lots of money, but they’re in the mud!

Bryanboy: Yeah. I love the furs, especially this look with the muddy pants. Obsessed with that.

Dean and Dan: We blow latex through a grid to get the mud effect on the denim and boots. Like how we did for Madonna for her “Don’t Tell Me” video. After she put them on, everybody wanted them but they were limited edition.

They head towards the actual collection, ordered and numbered on racks. A heavily sequined gold and black dress easily catches Bryanboy’s attention.

Bryanboy: This is a total Anna Dello Russo moment!

Dean and Dan: This is the summer version of our Gossip Girl theme. Only, instead of Starbucks they’re coming with beer, mud and loud music. 

Bryanboy: Fuschia cotton pants you can easily wear with a very tailored stiff jacket. I love mixing and matching, I love the idea of mixing really rugged and really distressed things with something very tailored. Oh, this is really cute—I love the idea of underwear as outerwear, how you made a brief into denim trousers is great!

Shifting to the accessories table, full of neon plastic “festival-style” bracelets, Bryanboy tries on a huge pink crystal necklace and asks for sunglasses to match.  

Dean and Dan: Everybody’s a VIP! The more bracelets means the more power you have. We’ll probably sell them as a packet.

Bryanboy: Major. I’m gonna slice and dice you!

Trying on clothes from DSquared2 spring collection, Bryanboy eventually decides on a yellow shirt he fears requires “pasties,” a green jacket and tight denim shorts. After adding a pair of bright sneakers a few sizes too big, he catches himself in the mirror.

Bryanboy: Bryan finally becomes a boy!

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    • September 29, 2011 at 11:21PM
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  • ALS
    This story is a legit waste time. Curious what was going through the writers mind during this idiotic interview? Please stop highlighting these neanderthals. It is counter productive to our business.
    • Posted By ALS
    • September 28, 2011 at 4:39PM
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