Jenna Lyons: Interior Obsessions

The J.Crew Creative Director Shares Her Love of Twombly, Adnet and Mouille

Style maven Jenna Lyons invited NOWNESS into her home to reveal her designer tastes beyond fashion. Known for outfits that mix disheveled chic with high-contrast pieces, such as the cashmere sweater and feather skirt she wore at the recent Met Ball, the J.Crew President and Creative Director effortlessly transfers this originality to the home. A bedroom suite with chalkboard-black walls, and a striped ceiling to make one's eyes pop, are just two of the gutsy features to be found in her and artist husband Vincent Mazeau’s lovingly restored Brooklyn brownstone. “Designing clothes and making outfits is exactly the same process as doing a room,” Lyons says. “It’s all about how things play off of each other.” Whether putting sequins on cargo pants, decorating an entire J.Crew store bathroom orange, or placing an oversized chandelier in an otherwise casual room, the New Yorker’s uncommon visual hijinks have turned her into an interiors star. Relaxing in her garden, designed by Brook Landscape, Lyons gave us the skinny on her decorating loves.

Serge Mouille
The Serge Mouille light fixtures look as good to me now as when they were originally created. They have a real quality of materials that is hard to find today. I have one in my bedroom, one in my office, and we use them in the store a lot. They are just incredibly simple, the shapes are elegant and they are absolutely timeless. 

Jacques Adnet
I am obsessed with Jacques Adnet. I don’t have anything by him, but I have been searching for this beautiful bookshelf that I probably can’t afford but I want in my life at some point. His work feels masculine (with the leather and tacks), but the scale of the pieces is actually really delicate. It’s what I like about men's tailoring. It feels very masculine, but when you see it in size, it’s not overpowering.

Cy Twombly
All I have ever wanted is a Cy Twombly. Now that he’s passed away, I am sure I won’t be able to afford one. There is a $30 million triptych at the Gagosian right now that I am obsessed with. It’s a strange thing to love something so much and have it be completely out of your reach. It’s not like I want a private plane, do you know what I mean? I fantasize about Cy Twombly, and I will probably never have it, and it breaks my heart.

E.R. Butler
E.R. Butler, who makes gorgeous hardware, was kind enough to custom-make some light switches for me in un-lacquered brass and black. They are really heavy and clean, with no bevel—just a flat plaque, with two push buttons. They have patina’d over time. These things that look polished and clean make all the difference in a home. If we ever sell the house, I will replace every light switch and take them with me.

Roman and Williams
I don’t pay attention to decorators so much, but I like what the Roman and Williams team is doing right now. They did a beach house in the Hamptons that I think is incredibly beautiful. It doesn’t look like a Hamptons house; there is no white lacquer or expensive sheets. I like things to look messy and undone. There is a sense of ease and a sense of discovery.

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