Kreayshawn: Designer Beats

The Gucci Gucci Rapper Dishes Out Her Preferences

Brassy Oakland rapper Kreayshawn delivers an exclusive remix of her viral sensation “Gucci Gucci” by producer DJ Two Stacks. With over 13 million views on YouTube, the song’s video features the 21-year-old rolling down L.A.’s Fairfax Avenue with pals Odd Future, rapping about Arby’s, Adderall and the designer brands worn by “basic bitches”. Part thrift store cholita, part Kid Robot Bratz Doll, the overnight success of the MC’s irreverent, white-girl rap has seen her seal a deal with Columbia Records and a Best New Artist VMA nomination. A director in her own right, Kreayshawn has made music videos for Bay Area rap figures like Lil B and more recently rock icons the Red Hot Chili Peppers. “I can understand why people on the outside are like ‘What the hell is she doing?’” she laughs. “I’m just being me—I’m a random chick! And I want to inspire people, especially girls, to feel comfortable with themselves and to go out there and do whatever they want. It’s the girl-power message.” Here the pint-sized internet celebrity gets all preferential.

God or your iPhone?
My iPhone. God can’t tell me how to get somewhere. Google maps can.
Cat eye or smoky eye?
Cat eye.
Vintage or high street?
Brick Lane or Fairfax Avenue?
Brick Lane! It’s my favorite place to shop in the world.
Nicki Minaj or Lil’ Kim?
I can’t pick. I pick Kreayshawn.
Cat or dogs?
Are you crazy? Cats all day. I’m a crazy cat lady.
Late night or early morning?
Late night.
S.F. or L.A.?
San Francisco. I don’t like living in L.A.
“The L word” or “The Real L Word”?
“The L word.” Loads of my friends in L.A. are on “The Real L Word” though. Those chicks are crazy!

Photo by Eric Timoteo

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