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A US Open Prelude With Tennis Legend John McEnroe and His Awesome Friends

As a warm up for the US Open starting next Monday, NOWNESS invited blogger Nora Min of Awesome People Hanging Out Together to curate an exclusive series about John McEnroe. The blog's hilariously simple premise—to show images of big-time personalities getting pally, no explanations necessary—finds a naturally awesome subject in McEnroe, seen here fraternizing with everyone from Carlos Santana to Ivana Trump, over the course of the past three decades. “Pure entertainment with a dash of intellect,” says Min of her online cult sensation. “A review of the blog said, ‘it’s a bit like Us Weekly or Hello! magazine with a degree in pop culture.' I really liked that.” With seven Grand Slam singles titles to his name and at least that many infamous on-court temper tantrums, McEnroe is oft cited as one of the greatest tennis players of all time; add to that his well-known predilection for courting publicity and parodying himself in zeitgeist shows like Saturday Night Live and Curb Your Enthusiasm. The charismatic 52-year-old champ returns to form as a commentator for this year's tournament, and will also unleash his latest high-profile stunt: a televised doubles spectacle with actors Will Ferrell and Matthew Perry and fellow Tennis Hall-of-Famer Jim Courier. Talk about awesome people hanging out together...

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  • missmelmob
    The only non awesome person in this slideshow is Tom Hanks.
    • Posted By missmelmob
    • August 26, 2011 at 11:59AM
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