Tatiana Cotliar: Binary Model

The Smoldering Beauty Does Battle in Boyce & Brown's Hazy Galactica

Radiant Argentine muse Tatiana Cotliar, known as "Tati", channels the conflicting forces of good and evil in Boyce & Brown’s black and white short. The creative duo, comprised of Harrison Boyce and Nathaniel Brown, were inspired after experimenting with the “double negative” effect produced by solarizing footage of billowing smoke. NOWNESS welcomed the chance to premiere the pair’s new film after they contacted us through our open submissions page. Best known for his role as Oscar, the lead character in Gaspar Noé’s Enter the Void, Brown has been honing his behind-the-camera craft as an editor for the likes of Steven Klein and Barnaby Roper. “We wanted to conjure the idea of an engine slowing down, as the cogs and gears are grinding,” Brown explains of the affecting soundscape. “It’s manic but also sparse, like impending doom, and Tatiana is the embodiment of that machine.” Cotliar, who has opened for Marc Jacobs, been the face of Vivienne Westwood and starred alongside Arizona Muse in Prada’s spring/summer 2011 campaign, impressed the filmmakers not only with her range of emotion but also her film buff credentials. “She has a passion for it and was talking about her favorite films and directors,” says Boyce. “I think that knowledge really helped her understand what she was doing for the camera.”

To see a selection of exclusive on-set images taken during the shoot visit our Facebook page here. 

Tati wears clothes by Eres, Mandy Coon, Logan Neitzel and shoes by A.F. Vandevorst.

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