Daphne Guinness: Undressed

Director Brennan Stasiewicz Captures Fashion’s Enigma At Home and On Display

Documentary filmmaker Brennan Stasiewicz infiltrates the cosseted world of Daphne Guinness in Daphne’s Window. Featuring intimate footage of the icon at her Fifth Avenue apartment, the short follows the eccentric fashion patron and socialite as she prepares for her recent installation in the windows of Barneys New York. The storefront showcased her collection of pieces by designer Lee Alexander McQueen and a selection from the archive of fashion editor Isabella Blow, which Guinness purchased in its entirety last year. The display culminated in a performance art piece in which Guinness dressed for the Met ball in one of the flagship’s windows, modeling a lilac feathered gown designed by McQueen’s Sarah Burton. “She appears to me as someone always in a window,” says Stasiewicz. “Someone you can approach and see, but you remain on the other side.” This year brings a multitude of projects for the heiress: her sculptural armored glove collaboration with jeweler Shaun Leane (pictured in today’s film) will be exhibited by Jay Jopling in a private viewing in London later this month; and in September a retrospective at The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology will pay homage to her style. “Daphne is someone to take pleasure in, and in many ways, someone who incites moments of wonder,” says Stasiewicz.

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  • Liontroll
    The lions Roars and it it happens again.... Narcissism is the mask of perfection True Genius is the art of mastering perfection in perfect nowness... Daphne is displaying her nowness Liontroll2:65
    this is beautiful.
  • ToddAnthony.org
    Commenter Brad Gough below is correct. However, there is also a lot of power and perspective in this piece. As elite and eccentric as it is, which is A LOT!, Ms Guinness has captured something, and she is without doubt embodying what she sees and we can feel it. I loved listening to her and learning her world, thank you : ) As a side note, the rich don't realize how clouded and obscured their true artistic talents are by wealth, as the poor reveal much easier where their inspirations come from and we can see and believe it much more. ...a curse of the rich?..?
  • MrsLouReed
    Narcissism is mental illness. Daphne needs help.
    • Posted By MrsLouReed
    • October 27, 2013 at 3:08PM
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  • brad gough
    2011 the year of self focused vanity. When you look back it just seems sad and pointless. EAT THE RICH!
  • christopherfogle
    I want Daphne to know you are an inspiration. I live a not so glamorous life in Oklahoma City but I have made it my own. I choose to live in a bubble so to speak lol. In my little bubble everything is beautiful and comes straight off the runway :) People don't speak but merely motion here to there. Swaying back then front dressing as if everyday were that day you found those old moth eaten lace dresses your grandmother so thoughtlessly placed in a trunk far within the attic. You put them on making yourself someone in a distant dream all smokey and Pink. Lol these fits of insanity could go on for days but I will get to the point She is fabulous and beyond words. I dare not compare her to anyone for she is DAPHNE a women in her own right but I do see a bit of Frida in there.
    • Posted By christopherfogle
    • December 02, 2011 at 7:22AM
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  • christopherfogle
    Oh and yes lol I adored the refference to the movie Liquid Sky. A very hip-notic film based on fashion and music. Thank you Daphne once again!
    • Posted By christopherfogle
    • December 01, 2011 at 9:16AM
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  • christopherfogle
    I literaly had tears in the corner of my eyes at the end of this short film. As Daphne says when she can not display how she feels with words it has to be visual. I can not express how this made me feel. Very few true artists exist in the world and I would call her a brilliant artist, to take fashion and feeling mix it with shape and realization and you have a combination unmatched. If I could someday meet such a person I would fall into eternal slumber a beautifully happy person. I wanted to reach into the film, pulling my hand out glowing now with a radiant magick in which she passes on to everything she touches. With much love to Daphne, Darling you are the Monarch, the raven and the crow ,mysterious in Black!
    • Posted By christopherfogle
    • December 01, 2011 at 9:13AM
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  • amadeus
    One of the most supid thing I've ever seen.
    • Posted By amadeus
    • July 20, 2011 at 10:19AM
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  • papaveri
    how beautiful!
    • Posted By papaveri
    • June 08, 2011 at 10:32PM
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  • catherine johnson
    • Posted By catherine johnson
    • June 06, 2011 at 2:31PM
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