Lernert & Sander: Natural Beauty

The Dutch Duo Gives Model Hannelore Knuts a Maximalist Makeover

Cheeky directors Lernert & Sander embrace the urge for cosmetic overkill in their surreal short Natural Beauty. Makeup artist Ferry van der Nat and his assistant Vanessa Chan helped to execute the vision, slathering a host of Ellis Faas products on  Belgian beauty Hannelore Knuts, who was recently named the new face of Swiss fashion house Akris. Lernert & Sander began collaborating in 2006; since then they've done everything from melt a chocolate bunny with a hairdryer to repurpose household appliances as sex toys in the name of video art. We asked the co-conspirators to break down the shoot in detail.


Mission Statement: We wanted to apply 365 layers of makeup in one day to see how much is needed to go from a natural look to an outrageous one. 

Production time: It was a relaxed shoot but it took us nearly nine hours non-stop to apply all the layers to Hannelore’s face.

Magic ingredients: Seven bottles of Foundation S103; two bottles of Creamy Eyes E107; three Milky Lips L205 pens; and two bottles of Blush S301. All together 228.40ml of makeup. 

Lunch menu: Hannelore was fixed between panels for the whole shoot, so everything she ate or drank came from a straw: juice, and a granola and yogurt mix. I think she had sushi on her train back to Brussels.

Soundtrack: No music on our shoots! Unless we do a music video and the artists need to lip-sync. But we don't like lip-syncing, so that never happens in our videos. Music distracts.

Prep work: We tested a 100-layer session a few days before on our intern, who is a man. We wanted to make sure that this amount of makeup wouldn't kill a person. It didn't kill our intern so we trusted everything would be fine on Hannelore.

Crisis averted: There was always the “we've run out of makeup” stress. But Ellis Faas has her office right around the corner so we could call and get more [Foundation] S103. 

Souvenirs: We saved the white construction for Hannelore's face, so if we plan to do a “two years of makeup” we already have the perfect face frame. 

For further insight into what happened on set visit our Facebook page for an album of behind-the-scenes images. 


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Conversations (11)

  • gabval
    It's creativity...An expression of our cultural activity in society. I think is fab that people have the "medium" today to able to express themselves in any way or form they want to. It does not have to mean anything or make a statement, it is just a captured moment of our humanity, the creative endeavour of a make-up artist, the lighting and direction of the film director and everyone else involved.
    • Posted By gabval
    • March 19, 2014 at 10:35AM
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  • Mishqueen
    Um, do you really think she started out with no makeup? It was light, natural-colored and tasteful, but that was DEFINITELY makeup. Who are they trying to fool?
    • Posted By Mishqueen
    • August 19, 2013 at 3:07AM
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  • ZorkmansCat
    seriously? Its about how natural beauty is better than make up. People pile on makeup every day and eventually are no longer themselves. Instead, they wear a synthesized mask to look "beautiful". In reality her bare face was much more beautiful than all that make up.
  • joesino
    everything is getting fake
  • t44sh
    This was a tragic combination of boring AND stupid.
    • Posted By t44sh
    • June 02, 2013 at 12:02PM
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  • akaLizzee
    ummm ... ok -- now have her drink all the coffee she'd have in a year while wearing all the clothes she'd put on in a year -- then lock the bathroom door ... lol
    • Posted By akaLizzee
    • March 01, 2013 at 1:20PM
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  • Julie B
    I would like my 3 minutes back
    • Posted By Julie B
    • November 25, 2012 at 11:55AM
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  • mftrejobermejo
    kind of disturbing
  • Victoria de Lamberti
    Love the music.... But what was the point of the video?
  • alcyone
    How human to test things on the intern to see if he might have died.
    • Posted By alcyone
    • July 03, 2011 at 12:18PM
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  • alfodru
    what's the point?
    • Posted By alfodru
    • June 29, 2011 at 2:52PM
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