Moby: Destroyed

An Exclusive Preview of the Musician's New Song "After"

On the eve of the release of his new album Destroyed, whose track "After" we stream above, Moby makes us a list of his personal highlights from on the road.

Favorite beach?
Whatipu Beach in New Zealand. It's where a lot of Maori battles happened before whitey showed up. It's a mile wide, about three miles long, with black sand. It's quite desolate, and juts out into the ocean. There's a sense of menace to it that's really odd, considering it's so beautiful and tropical.

Favorite airport?
Oslo has a really nice new one. It's in a valley that fills with fog, so it seems like it's only operational about half the time. Two of the times I've been, the whole airport was shut down. It's built from lots of Scandinavian natural wood.

Best city for nightlife?
Before I stopped drinking, I was an expert on where to get drunk, anywhere on the planet. My relationship to nightlife now is different. But I like Singapore. The city itself is, politically, a fairly repressive place. It's a financial center, and the people there do tend to live fairly buttoned down lives. When they go out, they get a little crazy.

Where is your favorite morning light?
Scotland in the summertime, on those three days a year when it's not overcast. Outside of Edinburgh there's a place called Arthur's Seat, and it's this weird crop of rocks. I've been up there at dawn when the sun comes up over the Highlands—it's spectacular. A lot of my family is Scottish, so I just imagine my ancestors, 1500 years ago, standing in the same place, seeing the same thing.

Have you ever fallen in love on tour?
A couple of times. And it's dangerous, because sometimes the depth of feeling is very much a product of the context. The first time was in 1995 I was in Berlin and I met this beautiful woman from East Germany. She was very exotic, had grown up in the East, and all her stories were of waiting in line to buy bananas and oranges. We'd make these elaborate plans, like, “I'll be in Istanbul on June 23, and you'll be there on the 24, so I'll meet you at the airport.” It was really romantic and exciting, but its almost like we were dating travel more than we were dating each other.

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