Marianne Faithfull: Life Force

The Rock Survivor and Fashion Icon Celebrates On New Album Horses and High Heels

Though Marianne Faithfull’s 23rd release Horses and High Heels sees the gravel-voiced songstress hit an uncharacteristically upbeat note, the self-penned track we preview today, “Why Did We Have To Part?” documents the end of a love affair. “There’s always a power struggle in relationships, which is something I have found very difficult,” the singer explains. “I only feel really powerful when I’m alone, which is why I’ve had to leave so often. To get my power back.” Faithfull’s star was born in the 60s as the girlfriend of Mick Jagger, and her checkered journey from virginal songstress to homeless junkie to feminist powerhouse has only added to her mystique. Recorded in New Orleans, with cameos from the likes of Lou Reed and Dr. John, the new record features bluesy covers of tunes such as Jackie Lomax’s "No Reason," and sees the 64-year-old survivor reveling in her current life phase on soulful tracks like "Prussian Blue", a tribute to Paris (her part-time home) that is co-written with longtime friend David Courts. “I was always trying to cop out when I was younger, and it took quite a while before I realized that wasn’t going to fly,” Faithfull confides. “I said to myself, ‘Right. There is no escape. I will now live.’ And actually, life turned out to be really good.”

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  • Lilibeth
    ‘Right. There is no escape. I will now live.’ Powerful words these...and great hope for all those who think that hitting the 60s is IT..... The fact that 'And actually, life turned out to be really good' is an added incentive!
    • Posted By Lilibeth
    • March 07, 2011 at 2:20AM
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