SebastiAn: Embody

An Exclusive Track from the Gallic Dancefloor Maestro’s Forthcoming Debut

While devotees of remix-wunderkind SebastiAn will have to wait until May for his debut album, Total, today we offer relief with the sneak-peek LP track “Embody.” The omens are good for the French musician’s full-length release: this vibrant, pulsating slab of twisted disco chic oozes the kind of cool that is de rigeuer for the feted Ed Banger label, home to Justice, Uffie, Cassius and a host of other cutting-edge acts. SebastiAn's remixing skills have been sought out by Daft Punk, Kelis and Klaxons, and his much-praised ambient score for Our Day Will Come, Romain Gavras’s urban thriller starring Vincent Cassel, enhanced his cult following. “What I can give to an audience is my own truth," he says. "That comes from when I follow a need, something that has started to live inside me.” Considering this introspective aesthetic, it's no surprise that SebastiAn’s music has a cerebral edge not found in the work of many of his dance music peers. “It’s important to take the audience on a journey,” he continues. “People want to dance and be removed from their daily duties. There’s also a religious moment of a spiritual kind––a unification.” 

Cover art for the SebastiAn single "Embody" by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, courtesy Ed Banger Records
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  • MichellesFavoriteThings
    oh là là - i like it! i love to dance and be removed from my daily duties!
    • Posted By MichellesFavoriteThings
    • May 05, 2011 at 12:43PM
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