Diana Dondoe: Les Chiffoniers

The Romanian Model Showcases Leena Similu's Fall Collection

For the Les Chiffoniers fall collection, founder Leena Similu toned down her trademark rock chick glamour to instead focus on a deconstructed architectural look. A former head designer at both Stella McCartney and Jil Sander, Similu turned to Swedish director Marcus Werner Hed to showcase her latest looks in a cutting edge short film with Romanian supermodel Diana Dondoe in the often-obscured spotlight. Echoing the collection, the short plays on abstract themes, following a digitally fragmented Dondoe as she wanders through a maze of mirrors. We caught up with the model, who recently returned to Europe from New York, to talk film, fashion and her new home in Paris.

How do you feel about the shift from stills to film in fashion?
I have never dreamed about being an actress or going from modeling to acting, but the few short films I’ve done have given me a feeling of a much greater freedom. I like the subtlety of moving images when it comes to presenting clothes.

What movie stars inspire your style?
I'm not that inspired by movie stars. It’s more about a feeling that I get from little details. I will always love Count Vronsky's mustache in Anna Karenina.

Do you have a current favorite film?
The Lives of Others—obsessed with this one as I come from an ex-Communist country. It’s the only movie I went to see twice in the same week in a theater.

What fall trends from the recent fashion weeks can you see adopting?
I don't really know anything about trends, but right now I am into long skirts. 

What's your favorite little-known find in Paris?
I just moved to Paris so I'm still exploring. But there is this classic brasserie in the 7th arrondissment called Café des Officiers, where from time to time you can drink your coffee next to very elegant men in uniforms.

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