Carter Peabody: The Duel

Olympic Fencing Medalist Jason Rogers and Mihail Etropolski Face Off

With his athletic bona fides and movie-star looks, Texas-born Jason Rogers is poised to be the Nacho Figueras of fencing. Enter filmmaker Carter Peabody, who shines a spotlight on the Beijing 2008 Olympic silver medalist in The Duel, which we premiere today. The short captures Rogers, a master of the sabre discipline, performing his graceful épée step alongside nationally ranked American fencer Mihail Etropolski. As a director of fashion films for the likes of Jimmy Choo, MaxMara and Moët Hennessy, Peabody was inspired by the compatibility he saw between fencing and the luxury realm. “I realized that it made perfect sense for that world,” he says. “It’s a sport that is hundreds of years old—harkening back to a time when things were elegant, honorable and beautiful—but it also appeals to the modern appreciation of technique.” Outfitted in Ralph Lauren, Rogers and Etropolski charge and retreat with a precision mirrored by an Audemars Piguet watch; the choreography is underscored by French composer Henri Scars Struck's original track "Mr. John Barry", named in tribute to the iconic composer.

To see an exclusive behind-the-scenes film featuring interviews with Rogers and Peabody, visit our Facebook page here.

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  • leewiser
    ...and best supporting actor goes to... the watch!
  • LoSim
    HA. Very pretty film but this is not fencing. This is modeling with weapons.
    • Posted By LoSim
    • March 30, 2011 at 10:56AM
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  • SergVM
    Невероятно красивый фильм! Уже давно наметилась определённая тенденция:дизайнеры и модные дома не ограничиваются рамками показов, рекламных компаний, фото сессий и глянца. Всё больше поиска новых форм продвижения стиля и брендов. Визуализация во всём! И это, порой, ОЧЕНЬ интересно! возникает новая форма искусства!
    • Posted By SergVM
    • February 02, 2011 at 1:49PM
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  • katsoul11
    far far too contrived and that is unfortunate...with fencing the sparing and strategy is gorgeous...some great shots were all that was needed and instead we have a commercial. whoa. killed the beauty.
    • Posted By katsoul11
    • February 02, 2011 at 9:34AM
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