Johan Lindeberg's BLK DNM

Martin de Thurah's Unflinching Film Launches the Swedish Designer’s New Line

Today’s digital premiere of Martin de Thurah's Film I spotlights Johan Lindeberg’s new BLK DNM line and takes cues from the designer's personal life. “I went through a recent break-up and wanted to use my own dynamic to inspire the film,” Lindeberg says. “I am fascinated by the way in which fashion both provokes and reflects the human narratives around it.” The Swedish fashion designer looked to De Thurah, whose surreal music videos for the likes of Fever Ray and James Blake he cites as an ongoing source of inspiration, to channel the brand’s downtown conceit: “I wanted the film to embody all of the qualities that I love about New York—its depth and nerve, its capacity to be a bit anarchistic, yet still human and inspiring.” Embracing a post-apocalyptic, spectral mood, the Danish director's short outfits actors Iva Gocheva, Bogdan Kwiatkowski and Kate Lyn Sheil in lambskin motorcycle leather jackets, merino wool cardigans and sulfur-dyed denim for a tale that swings from indie intellectualism to dark fantasy. NOWNESS talked to the fashion veteran who has helped to define such brands as Diesel and William Rast, as well as his own J. Lindeberg; to find out why he's breaking away from the runway, click here.

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  • apickers
    The ambivalence of it all amuses me deeply. The screenplay, the music, the photography, the clothes, every single fraction of it make a very complete and beautiful film about being one's self in front of others and the -oh so- ambivalent conflict between love and hate. We must follow our instincts. LOVE IT
    • Posted By apickers
    • March 18, 2011 at 12:19PM
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  • Victoria de Lamberti
    I have contradictory feelings about this film. On one hand, I think is good that a fashion brand understands the purpose of the film, which is not about JUST showing the clothes, because in that case or the brand´s website is more than enough. It is instead, about STORYTELLING and trying to give a more vivid personality to the brand. Nevertheless, this video feels depressing and also disturbing towards the end and I don´t think those are the feelings you want your brand to communicate. So they have to remember that even when the fashion film could be an artistic expression it is also a branding resource.
  • ElizabethS
    I'm a bit frustrated with the love vs. don't love. There should be a button for "visually beautiful despite a dearth of content; a bit stylized." Is this an autobiographical music video or an elaborate attempt at branding a new fashion line? Nowness, I love you, but I find myself wanting more substance.
    • Posted By ElizabethS
    • February 17, 2011 at 12:18PM
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