Scott Campbell’s Skin Flick

The Celebrity Tattooist On His Accidental Rise in the Art World

A pile-up of wrong decisions and the influence of talented “fuck-ups” led Scott Campbell to improbable success. The tattoo ace turned art star details his road to fame in today’s film, the first in a series titled Reflections from director Matt Black. Campbell made his name inking Hollywood royalty such as Robert Downey Jr. and Orlando Bloom, and has since carved out a reputation for his fine art, a body of work which includes laser-etched renderings in US currency. It’s a story arc Black seized upon: “I’ve been hanging out with artists all these years in New York and I’ve know them when they were struggling,” he says. “Now they’re being successful at it and I want to record this part.” Having previously shot films with the likes of Paz de la Huerta and Rinko Kikuchi, the Paris native will follow this first installment with shorts featuring urban artists KAWS and José Parlá, and hopes to extend the project to Tokyo and Los Angeles. To find out how Scott Campbell meshed his street sensibility with Louis Vuitton, click here.

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  • JayDoh
    @ Suzuki... The song playing is "Bella Lugosi's Dead" by Bauhaus. @ Brad Gough - You look old, miserable & troll like. Please keep your unsolicited negative opinions to yourself.
    • Posted By JayDoh
    • June 07, 2013 at 9:48AM
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  • Suzuki
    Great clip. What's the song playing in the background?
  • brad gough
    Oooh Edgy, What a "fuckup"! The only thing good about tattoos, is that they make it easier to spot the idiot's. They only look good on sailors or the ***** of a Maori warrior.

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