Lady Gaga in Vegas

The Pop Spectacle Unveils Designs for Polaroid at the Consumer Electronic Show

A year after announcing her creative partnership with Polaroid at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show—wearing a hat made of her own hair—The Fame Monster Lady Gaga was back in Las Vegas this week to present the fruits of their collaboration. “I’m so proud,” said Gaga, dressed in a relatively understated black gown-and-veil ensemble that suggests a formidable business side. “They really let me put my hands in there and design this shit myself.” The line, called Grey Label, comprises the GL10 Instant Mobile Printer, the GL30 Instant Digital Camera, and a pair of fierce electric sunglasses that bear the unmistakable stamp of Polaroid’s Chief Creative Officer, who models the eyewear in an exclusive image for NOWNESS (right). The GL20 Camera Glasses record pictures and video of what you’re looking at, then, in a Dadaesque twist, display the images outwardly on embedded LED screens. It’s all captured on a USB earpiece for offloading later, and you can upload video content to the glasses too. Like Gaga’s Technicolor persona, the frames fall somewhere between wink-wink party trick and fashion-as-performance-art (and seem to slyly comment on paparazzi and the public gaze). Still, she sees real-world application for her flock. “These are glasses I knew would work into their lifestyle as music fans, as concert goers, as wild party kids,” she says. The Gaga for Polaroid products will be released later this year, as will the pop star's much-anticipated new album Born This Way.

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  • art4me
    I am realy unset, because why would the art world embrace her? She is not an artist in the formal sence. I am starting to question this web site.
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    • March 10, 2011 at 12:44PM
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