Darcel at New York Fashion Week

Craig Redman’s Cult Character Turns Style-Savvy Reporter for NOWNESS

Following his hazy, rather drunken night at the grand opening of Louis Vuitton’s London Maison this summer, Darcel—the one-eyed, bespectacled egg-person who is daily overcome by the modern world on Craig Redman’s hugely popular blog, Darcel Disappoints—has got the fashion bug. Yes, Darcel sets off today on an intercontinental trip to cover the spring 2011 catwalks exclusively for NOWNESS. First stop is New York Fashion Week, whose preeminent trendsetters—Ralph Lauren, Tavi, André Leon Talley, Freja Erichsen, Marc Jacobs, Kim Hastreiter, Alexander Wang and, of course, Anna Wintour—star in today’s Brady Bunch-style introductory film. From tomorrow, as the shows begin to kick off, our ovoid friend will be reporting from the fashionable front line, delivering a daily Darcelism on his trials, which will available exclusively on NOWNESS and can be reached by clicking on the appropriate link in the "Today's Stories" panel, or the the banner at the top of this page. Darcel’s travels will continue through October, where he will end up in Paris, via London and Milan, and on the first day of each fashion week he will debut a new animated film. Come back to NOWNESS each day to find out how he gets on! Meanwhile, we catch up with Darcel for a pre-New York pep talk below.

With all these fashionable types around, what will you wear to make an impact?

It's hard to believe after reading my blog, but I'm more of an on-the-sideline kinda guy, so my secret will be to blend in rather than stand out.

How do you plan to dash from show to show?


Will we see you on Purple Diary?

Only if they finally let me into Le Bain.

What essentials are you packing?


Darcel's portraits of New York fashionistas will be available as postcards from the Colette truck at Ace Manhattan for Fashion's Night Out tomorrow night.
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