In the Frame: Anjelica Huston

The Hollywood Royal Invites NOWNESS into her Venice Beach Home

The life and work of Anjelica Huston is a study in elegance. As part of one of Hollywood’s greatest dynasties—she, grandfather Walter and father John have all won an Academy Award—her landmark roles in Prizzi’s Honor, The Grifters, Lonesome Dove and, more recently, three of Wes Anderson’s films, are the stuff of legend. Huston’s style and statuesque beauty made her a fashion icon in the 1970s, when she modeled for photography stars Helmut Newton, David Bailey and Bob Richardson. Life with her late husband, the sculptor Robert Graham, at the modernist Venice Beach home he built for them in 1995, was the very picture of California chic. Dinners by the elongated courtyard pool often saw close friends Mitch Glazer, Kelly Lynch, Dennis Hopper, and the leading lights of the West Coast arts scene sipping añejo tequila and snacking on homemade pupusas. The graceful Huston, daughter of prima ballerina Enrica Soma, and Graham, whose sartorial originality landed him on numerous best-dressed lists, made a striking pair. In 2008, Graham built a live/work studio across the courtyard from their home so that the couple needn’t leave the idyllic grounds for trips to satellite offices. For Huston he designed a dance space and offices to house her Gray Angel production company. With its airy balconies the north side—Huston’s side—lends a superb sense of space and allows the natural light to illuminate a rich store of film posters, award statues, family photos and keepsakes from the actress’s world travels. In an exclusive for NOWNESS, Anjelica’s friend, the photographer Paul Jasmin, takes us inside for an intimate viewing.

Be sure to check out today's exclusive interview with Anjelica Huston, conducted by Wes Anderson, the incomparable director of quirky classics Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums and Fantastic Mr Fox. And come back tomorrow for part two of our Venice Beach special...

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