Kate Moss in 3D

Behind the Scenes with the Supermodel in Baillie Walsh's Sparkling New Film, KM3D-1

Kate Moss, the most enduring fashion icon of our time, shimmers before the camera as she shoulders the role of Kali, the all-powerful Hindu goddess, in KM3D-1. For today's story, NOWNESS was granted special access to the making of this new film, which premieres Thursday at Haunch of Venison London in partnership with AnOther Magazine and Beefeater 24. KM3D-1 was sprung from the mind of art director and super-stylist Jerry Stafford, who was influenced by the early work in Dynamotion of Ray Harryhausen (the special effects pioneer who created the stop-motion animation in Jason and the Argonauts) as well as by his travels through India and Bhutan earlier this year. For the realization of this immortal extravaganza, Stafford called upon French production company Première Heure and Baillie Walsh, a preeminent video director since 1990 whose debut feature Flashbacks of a Fool, starring British actor Daniel Craig, released in 2008. This was Walsh's first dabble in 3D, and with the ultra-precise Phantom camera—but he wasn’t phased. “You mustn’t let technology overcome your creativity or the performances you are trying to achieve,” he explains. “It’s a tool.” Here he captures Moss, whom he worked with previously to create a hologram for Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2006 show, in full sparkle mode––and not just because of the Swarovski crystals the supermodel scatters knowingly at the camera. “She’s magical,” Walsh says. “The reason that Kate has gone on and on is not just because of her beauty, but because of what’s inside.” Discover some of Baillie Walsh's most memorable video moments here.
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