Frankies Spuntino's Summer

Dan Forbes Shoots Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo's Seasonal Essentials

Every September 13, Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo throw an anniversary party for Frankies Spuntino 457, the artisan-hip haunt of Carroll Gardens and the first of their five (and counting) eateries. “We go to the Terminal Market [a whole foods market in Brooklyn] for grapes just like our grandparents used to do, bring them back to crush them and have a big party,” says Falcinelli, explaining that guests drink the wine made the previous year, regardless of its unpredictable quality. “If there is one word to describe the Franks, it’s nostalgia,” chimes in Castronovo—and this annual celebration perfectly sums up the laid-back, old-world charm of the pair’s homespun culinary ventures, which include Frankies on the Lower East Side, Prime Meats (a turn-of-the-century Austrio-American joint next to the original Frankies) and two espresso bars, with a third on the way; there are also plans for expansion to Portland, Oregon. For NOWNESS, the curator-chefs selected some favorite foodstuffs that, as Castronovo puts it, “accent a seasonal menu.” Each ingredient—photographed here by Dan Forbes—is rigorously sourced from superlative local suppliers and combined with other fresh produce to tease out intriguing flavors and textures. Below, the Franks current go-to ingredients and the dishes they inspired:

From the Frankies Spuntino menu:

Fava beans from Jim & Andy's, Brooklyn
The dish: House-made linguine with spring fava beans, garlic, tomato & toasted breadcrumbs 

Octopus from Blue Island Shellfish Farm, Blue Point, New York
The dish: Braised octopus with dandelion greens & Castelvetrano vinaigrette 

Frankies Spuntino Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made from organically grown olives in Trapani Sicily,  DOP Classification
The dish:  Used in everything!

Oysters from Blue Island Shellfish Farm, Blue Point, New York
The dish: A selection of oysters from the East & West Coasts served ice cold & delicious 

From the Prime Meats menu:

Bibb lettuce from Jim & Andy's, Brooklyn
The dish: Bibb lettuce salad with pumpkin seeds, radishes, lemon & Austrian pumpkin seed oil 

Bone marrow from Debragga & Spitler in the Meat Packing District, NYC 
The dish: Roasted beef bone marrow with radish, gremolata, roasted garlic & toast 

Red cabbage from Frank Gargiulo & Son Inc, Hillside, New Jersey
The dish: Red cabbage salad with walnuts, parsley, balsamic vinegar & walnut oil 

Quail eggs from Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative, Pennsylvania
The dish: Steak tartare—Creekstone sirloin with parsley, garlic, anchovy, capers, shallots, tabasco, Worcestershire, mustard oil & quail egg 

Lanjager sausage from Faicco’s Pork Store, New York
The dish: Dried hunter's sausage from Germany 

Classic Pretzel twist made in the German tradition in the bakery at Prime Meats, Brooklyn
The dish: Served with butter & mustard

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