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Cult Blogger Craig Redman's Monocled Alter-Ego Doesn't Disappoint

Darcel, the subject of Craig Redman’s blog, Darcel Disappoints, is a cynical, one-eyed, Humpty Dumpty hipster on stilts. Darcel delivers dry musings on the trivial moments of everyday life in downtown New York, from fashion week hangovers to arriving on the subway platform only to see your train pull away. The Australian-born artist-animator started the blog when he moved to New York as a means of keeping track of things. “Since my writing skills suck I decided to draw my experiences,” says Redman, who recently took Darcel offline, to Paris, making him the subject of a multimedia solo exhibition at Colette. Darcel's latest destination was London, where he boozed and schmoozed his way through the Louis Vuitton Maison store opening, captured for NOWNESS by Redman, who also spoke to us about his charmingly self-deluded little character. 

Darcel is not always disappointed. In once sentence, describe his personality.

Hopelessly cynical, yet desperately hopeful.
Where did Darcel buy his spectacle(s)?

It's a craft project with Popsicle sticks, gone right.

Tell us one great thing about living in New York.

Just one? Me being lazy, I'd say the easy proximity of everything.
And one thing that never fails to disappoint?

The Real Housewives of New York [TV show].

Where is the best place to go in New York if you are feeling miserable?

The Met—pay $1 instead of the recommended $20, head to the less touristy wings and you'll be one of very few people in there. It's the perfect place to go to get your brain in order.

What are your three favorite art galleries in the city?

Now that Deitch has closed I'd say Gavin Brown, Gagosian and Pace.
You have just been in Paris for your exhibition at the ever-cool Colette—what's the difference between Parisian and New York hipsters?

Paris and New York hipsters are pretty on par. The difference is more evident between London and New York—the London kids pull out all the stops for a bit of individuality where as New York hipsters are content being in uniform (me included).

If you could create a Parisian friend for Darcel, who would be the inspiration and what would you call him/her?

It'd be part Karl Lagerfeld, part Sarah of Colette, part the angry women who yelled at me at Charles de Gaulle airport, and part the gypsy ladies who prey on tourists. Karah Bumfeld?
What was Darcel’s best snapshot moment in the French capital?

Darcel's best moments are usually his smallest moments, the simple things that make him happy.

You have created eight original illustrations for NOWNESS of the Louis Vuitton Maison launch in London––in eight words describe Darcel’s night at the opening.

Arrive, pose, see, drink, drunk and fall over.

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