Frédéric Sanchez: Sonic Reverie

The Sound Artist Gets Dreamy With Bach for His New Film "Le Soldat Sans Visage"

In addition to his art installations and “sound illustrations” for major runway shows, fashion’s most prolific aural sensualist Frédéric Sanchez has also been making films since 2005, when he mixed footage of Pina Bausch and clips from Kenneth Anger films with an assortment of music from Robert Wyatt and Annette Peacock to realize Console. For his latest film, Le Soldat Sans Visage, which premiered last week in the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature in Paris, he worked back to front, taking off from Russian pianist Polina Leschenko’s interpretation of the chaconne from Bach’s Partita in D minor for solo violin (transcribed by the Italian virtuoso and composer Ferruccio Busoni in 1893). Inspired by the music’s “sense of calm, of memories and dreams,” the film is a slow, meditative work in which Sanchez revisits places from his past. “Everyone has images from their own life that occur to them as they listen to music,” he says. “I wanted the images in the film to be like symbols, part of a poetic narration.” To express the illogical, non-linear order of a dream, Sanchez moves from a shot of the sky to an interior to a long sequence of trees reflected in the water at Paris’s Parc de Saint-Cloud. “The spectators are linked to me,” he muses. “But the point was to use images that let the music create memories for whoever is watching.” At one point a faceless person passes in front of a mirror. “It could be anyone,” he says. “It could be you.”

Talents Klassik

© Talents Klassik 2010

Chaconne de Feruccio Busoni
(transcription d'après J.S. Bach)
Interprétée par Polina Leschenko
© 2007 avanticlassic

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