On Tour With Yeasayer and Suckers

Brooklyn's Finest Romp Round Paris and Dish On Storming Europe

Being on the road is tough, or so any touring rock band would have you believe. But for Chris Keating of lauded, sonically globe-trotting indie outfit Yeasayer, the edge is taken off when doing it with old friends, namely fellow Brooklynite up-and-comers Suckers, whose dreamy, bleep-filled debut Wild Smiles was released this June. The two bands have just finished a joint tour of Europe, during which photographer Columbine Goldsmith caught up with them in Paris to shoot the above series of images.  Ahead of their final show together this Halloween, Keating, along with multi-instrumentalist Austin Fisher from Suckers, spoke to NOWNESS about tour van rules, final night plans and their favorite motorway rest stops, with tongues firmly in cheek throughout. Keating and Fisher explain why Brooklyn is best and stream a track from Yeasayer's latest here.

This is the first time Suckers have played in Europe––how’s it been?

Austin Fisher: It’s been way more comfortable to play over here. You don’t have to drive as far, which makes a huge difference. It’s always inspirational to be in new places, but it’s work, you know? We’re not on holiday.

Chris Keating: You don’t get to see the towns you’re playing in most of the time.

AF: You get to see the block around the venue.

What are your plans for your last show together tonight? 

AF: I think I’m going to kill somebody.

CK: They’re going to have an orgy on stage.

AF: Yeah, it’s in our rider that it has to happen. We’ve demanded a Halloween murder. The venue supplies a homeless person.

Where has been your favorite place to play?

CK: Utrecht in Holland was new to both of us and was a cool one.

AF: I think Paris was our best show.

CK: Paris is quite nice...

“Quite nice”?! They should put that on the tourist literature...

CK:  “Have you heard of it, that place, Paris? They’ve got some good things going on there.”

How have the crowds been?

AF: They’ve generally been really good. I haven’t been attacked once.

Do you ever experience any hostility from Europeans for being American?

AF: No, people are just very excited that America is number one, I think. It’s like meeting Michael Jordan, right? People are delighted that we dominate the world.

What things should you definitely not be doing in the van when you’re driving for hours?

AF: I think it’s a pretty universal rule that eating McDonald’s in the van is just cruel to everyone else in it.

Have you stopped at any good motorway rest stops?

AF: I’m a big fan of the Roadchef in England.

CK: I like Welcome Break. I’m on team Welcome Break.

AF: You like Welcome Break better? I didn’t know you were a Welcome Break guy! They don’t have a Marks & Spencer [upmarket British retailer].

CK: The rest areas in France are nice, but you’ve got to sit down and eat. In Germany they sell filthy pornography.

Any songs you’ll associate with this tour once it’s over?

AF: Our driver keeps playing a Pearl Jam outtake where Eddie Vedder gets hit by shoes. We’ve heard that, like, five times. He licks the shoe. It’s good.

What’s been the worst place you’ve been to so far?

AF: Is that good for business?

CK: No comment. There are no bad places.

To see more images of Yeasayer and Suckers in Paris, visit www.facebook.com/Nowness

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