Quintessentially's Ben Elliot

The Co-founder of the Bespoke Concierge Service Reveals the Luxury Destinations of the Future

From arranging a romantic dinner on an iceberg to delivering a metal detector to the French Alps when a member had lost their keys in the snow, Quintessentially goes above and beyond for its clients. “We can make anything happen, anywhere, anytime,” says Ben Elliot, one of the global private members' club co-founders. Today we speak to the British entrepreneur about his dream trip, his travel must-haves and some of the more extraordinary requests Quintessentially have fulfilled over the years. 

What makes the difference between standard luxury and the next level?

Proactive, personal attention to the individual. Your plans never need to be set in stone, allowing for total spontaneity. When we started Quintessentially ten years ago, we realized that people were more interested in being taken care of in an individual way than how many crystals adorned each of the hotel’s chandeliers. 

What would your dream trip involve?

Getting to know places like China and Russia better, places laced with mysticism and culture. In an ideal world I’d like to ride the Trans-Siberian Express through China and Russia, sit back and take it all in.

What must-have items do you need when you travel?

A good book, a local guidebook, my Quintessentially card, and a good pair of gym shoes. 

What luxury destinations will be popular in the future? 

Places like the Caribbean, Maldives and Mauritius will always draw attention, but currently we’ve found that people are looking for destinations that are new, exciting and more bespoke. Southern India will definitely see a rise in popularity. It combines adventure, culture, beauty and first-rate service, with a more untouched element.

What luggage do you carry when jet-setting?

I always try and travel light, so my trusted Alfred Dunhill carry-on will normally suffice.

Where are you heading for your holidays?

Klosters for skiing during the winter months. It’s a great location to unwind after the Christmas season. In March I’m hopefully going to Kerala in India.

What are some of the most unusual requests you've fulfilled?

We closed the Sydney Harbour Bridge for a private climb so a member could propose to his partner… A party for 300 people at the Pyramids in Egypt… A member called from the Amazon unable to find the rare pink dolphins; we managed to find them and arrange a helicopter to take him there.

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  • Philip Gregory King
    Whatever the detractors may say, this is a highly successful business and having worked for them I can vouch for their integrity and credibility. The Quintessentially Foundation does admirable work for charities too, so the spoilt brat comment doesn't hold sway.
    • Posted By Philip Gregory King
    • August 07, 2011 at 2:10PM
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  • Rachael
    I would love to work for Quintessentially anywhere in the world. My professional background screams for such a role!
    • Posted By Rachael
    • December 06, 2010 at 8:05PM
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  • Anna Hunter
    A small london based concierge company transformed to international leaders in luxury lifestyle management. What a growth in only 10 years. Looking forward to using Quintessentially Hong Kong when i'm out there. On the back of my experience with Quintessentially Athens there isn't much Quintessentially can't help you with.
    • Posted By Anna Hunter
    • December 01, 2010 at 11:01AM
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  • Mark Brammer
    An absolutely outstanding company- have come to my rescue on many occasions with their amazing international knowledge. They can really perform miracles. Thank you Q!
    • Posted By Mark Brammer
    • December 01, 2010 at 6:27AM
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  • Mr. Callarelli
    Don't expect what they are promoting. Most is fake, and you'll get many "Sorry can't help you, but maybe you could do this, or go here...I recommend this...".
    • Posted By Mr. Callarelli
    • November 29, 2010 at 3:30PM
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  • lerouquinlondonien
    Quintessentially catering for the spoilt brats of this world.....the very same ones, Willy Wonka would make chocolate with.... I am not thanking you Ben Elliot
    • Posted By lerouquinlondonien
    • November 29, 2010 at 7:38AM
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