David Lauren: Rising Son

The Ralph Lauren Digital Guru Toasts a Decade of Online Innovation and an e-commerce Launch

Dashing fashion scion David Lauren, son of Ralph Lauren, is the Senior Vice President of Advertising, Marketing and Corporate Communications for the family brand and the driving force behind the company's formidable online prowess. Often seen accompanying his equally glamorous girlfriend, designer and model Lauren Bush, around New York’s social scene, Lauren has developed pioneering initiatives such as the RL Children’s Virtual Storybook and “Make Your Own Rugby” iPhone application, not to mention a series of online fashion shows and a rich variety of editorial content on ralphlauren.com. Ever since the site was set up ten years ago, Lauren (a former editor of Swing, which he founded while still at Duke University) has been fascinated by what he calls “Merchantainment”—that is, the seamless integration of engaging content and merchandising online. So on the current Ralph Lauren website you can not only shop, but also read features about hotels in Shanghai, semi-precious stones in the American Southwest, and how to create a layered look for winter. Yesterday, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of ralphlauren.com, and the launch of RL e-commerce in the UK, extravagant "4D" video projections—of galloping polo players and four storey-tall models—covered the façades of the RL flagships on Madison Avenue, New York, and Bond Street, London. To mark the occasion, NOWNESS asked David Lauren to look back through the RL archives and pick some favorite images. Check out his curated selection—from Ralph himself in Stetson and stirrups to a safari adventure with model Coltilde Holby in Africa—here.

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