Tavi's Halloween Costume

The Fashion Prodigy Behind Style Rookie Talks Us Through "Joey Ramona Quimby"

Though it will burden me with having to explain my bad pun to every person at their doors during trick-or-treat hours, this Halloween, I am dressed up as Joey Ramona Quimby. As in, Joey Ramone + Ramona Quimby. Not Joey from Friends and Ramona Quimby, as some people have mistakenly thought (though I assure you I will be devouring my goods from Sunday night like I’m Joey). Most things here are some kind of vintage or thrift—all things I already had—and my mom made the bunny ears. The Joey Ramone elements are the moto jacket, Converse, and guitar (which has a witch sticker on it, ten Halloween points for me!). The Ramona elements are the bunny ears (from my favorite Ramona book, Beezus and Ramona) and the collared plaid dress. The black leather bunny of a bag I just added because it kind of combines the two people. I’d like to use it for trick-or-treating but it couldn’t make it through half a block before filling up. And we cannot have that. Halloween may fall on a Sunday this year but that doesn’t mean I won’t get twenty sugar rushes that night while watching Scream with my friends and negotiating chocolate trades.

To see a short film of Tavi from the photographer of today's story, Leigh Johnson, visit our Facebook page. Also be sure to check out Tavi's fantastic blog, Style Rookie.

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  • nika
    these photos are beautiful. and you, tavi, are so inspiring person. i adore your creativity.
    • Posted By nika
    • October 30, 2010 at 5:03AM
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