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The Park & Cube Blogger Reveals Her Favorite Flea Markets Across the Globe

Flea markets are a great resource for style seekers like London-based fashion blogger and do-it-yourself guru Shini Park, whose site Park & Cube has gained a huge following (not to mention plaudits in Vanity Fair, Company and Glamour) since it was launched in 2008. Though a typical post on Park & Cube can feature anything from backstage runway photographs to pristinely shot street style snaps, one of Park’s main hobbies is DIY fashion. Born in South Korea, Park grew up in Poland, where she developed a taste for vintage early on in rebellion against what she perceived as the country’s predilection for classic, conservative looks. Who better to recommend some top-class markets in which to rummage for inspiration?

Dong Dae Mun (Great East Gate) Market, Seoul, South Korea 

When I was younger, my grandmother used to take me to this market and buy me food from the stands while she shopped for fresh vegetables and kitchen gadgets. Now I love to go back for great clothes and accessories and hang out with my girlfriends.

Wola Antique/Flea Market, Warsaw, Poland 

Vintage hasn't become so commercialized yet in Eastern Europe. So if you want true vintage and unique “one-of-a-kind” pieces—be it clothes, furniture or home decorations—this is the market to visit on Sundays, the earlier the better.

Jubilee Market, London, UK

Considered too “touristy” by many, but only the locals know about the antique jewelry market open on Mondays. I always love stopping by just to see if I can get hold of a unique piece, and sometimes the stall owner may give away a bag of broken jewelry, which is perfect for my DIY fashion projects. 

Brick Lane Market, London, UK 

Featuring vintage to pre-worn, random to exclusive, it's the market of the people. Simply bring a blanket, your box of unwanted clothes and perch yourself on the pavement—you might find yourself counting your coins in minutes. There's also the Sunday Up market for foods from all around the world as well as vintage and handmade goods just around the corner. The Brick Lane area is practically market city.


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